An Expert’s Advice on Finding Relevant Keywords for Your Amazon Ad Campaigns

how to find keywords for amazon ads

You’re probably wondering if there’s a bullet train to success on Amazon. With so many sellers on the platform, wouldn’t it be difficult to stand out from the crowd? In addition, you might feel like no matter how long and hard you work, you’re no match against a more established brand.  Yes, it wouldn’t be … Read more

Core Web Vitals: LCP, FID & CLS

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As a rule, site speed measurements will in general be difficult to comprehend and confusing. Additionally, they will in general change to some degree each time you test your site. You don’t generally get similar scores.  It’s not difficult to say that you need to take a glimpse at certain measurements trusting they become green.  … Read more

How to Upgrade to GA4 in Google Analytics?

GA4 Realtime View

Later 2020, Google released the new version (GA4) of Google Analytics. Like the old version of Google Search Console, the current version of Google Analytics will also be obsolete soon. Hence we must upgrade our GA to GA4 asap. Why GA4? Before we move towards the up-gradation process, let me share my own views on … Read more

Google December Core Update 2020; 5 Key Takeaways

Google December Core Update 2020

Introduction Google has rolled-out its major update, also called December Core Update. Here is The December 2020 Core Update is now rolling out live. As is typical with these updates, it will typically take about one to two weeks to fully roll out. — Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) December 3, 2020 After reading the article, I … Read more

How to Write Killer Meta Description for Website and Rank #1 in SERPs in 2021

How to Write Meta Description and Rank in SERPs?

Meta description is the most important thing after title (meta-title). Meta description is a small excerpt which appears in the search results (of search engines). e.g. Meta description gives a bird eye view of the article. It should be short and easy to understand. It should have important keywords which tell the intent of the … Read more