How to Promote Your YouTube Channel: 16 Effective Ways

Want to bring your YouTube channel into the limelight? Well, appropriate promotion of your channel is the only way to achieve it. Don’t know how to promote your youtube channel? We got you covered. Keep reading, and we will show you 16 effective ways of YouTube channel promotion through which you can achieve what you dreamt of. Let’s get started.

High-Quality Videos are a must

High-Quality Videos are a must for ranking in youtube

No matter how important your videos are? How creative and engaging are they? If it is delivered in low-quality footage, viewers will immediately leave it never to come back again. 

Professionally shooted lowercase video builds an incredible impression among subscribers. It shows that you respect their time when you provide something worth watching. Even YouTube encourages creators to create high-quality videos by improving their ranking on related keywords.

Do collaboration

If you are a newbie on YouTube, collaboration can be a great way to reach a wider audience, gain serious traffic and achieve your milestone subscribers. However, it is crucial to choose the right collaborates. Collaborate with like-minded creators, YouTubers through which you can increase targeted reach.

If possible, try to collaborate with big brands of your niche; this will prove you an awesome growth on your YouTube channel.

Don’t forget the Call To Action (CTA)

Don't forget the Call To Action (CTA)

Call To Action(CTA) is an element that can convert most of your viewers if blended properly. It guides viewers to take the next action. Design it in a way that fulfils your purpose. It should be clear, concise, and benefit-driven. Avoid using click baits. 

Reminder: If your video lacks a proper CTA, it can ruin all your efforts. 

Cross-promote other videos

Cross-promotion is a way to encourage viewers to watch other similar videos of your channel — videos that can be beneficial to them. It is the best way to get free traffic and increase ranking. 

It also encourages YouTube algorithms to bring your videos to viewer’s feeds (even if they are not your subscribers). Cross-promotion is a type of trendy CTA that you can use at the end of a video and can share links in the description section.  

Optimize title and description with search-friendly keywords

Optimize title and description with search-friendly keywords

According to statistics, 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. So, it’s important to work on YouTube SEO to bring your videos into the limelight. Utilizing search-friendly keywords ( keywords used by the target audience during search) in titles and description sections helps you to achieve this.

Spend time to find the right keyword for your video and add it to every possible section to increase the SEO ranking factor.

Conduct contests and Giveaways

Contests and Giveaways are the best way to get a sudden spike in engagement rate, and to increase the number of subscribers. The contests and giveaways should be relatable and valuable which encourages and excite audiences to participate.

It is an evergreen strategy used by bigger brands and creators to increase their growth. It’s a strategy through which YouTube got its first viral video. 

Opt for a paid advertising campaign

Organic growth requires time, and in the case of YouTube — where competition is pretty high — it requires a lot more time to drive organic traffic. So, along with organic growth strategies, opt for inorganic growth through an advertising campaign.

YouTube being the second most visited search engine, if used smartly for advertisement, it can offer significant growth to your YouTube channel. 

Integrate YouTube channel with blogs

Integration of YouTube channels with blogs allows you to share valuable content to the top two most popular search engines. It not only helps you to promote video content but also gives you a new source of income.

It is like a lifetime collaboration that always supports you to reach wider audiences.

Live streaming is booming. Give it a Try

Live streaming is booming. Give it a Try

A recent study of YouTube shows that live streaming (and YouTube Lives) are one of the most preferred choices of viewers to watch videos. If you are eligible for live streaming on YouTube, give it a try. It helps you to build a strong relationship with your subscribers.

 It is a great way to build a trusted impression among them. 

 Provide unique and value-added content

You did an awesome video promotion that got many viewers to view. But why did it not generate a single lead from them? Viewers might not have found your video useful and unique, and hence stopped it in between, deriving zero lead.

Create unique and value-added content that encourages audiences to spend more time on your YouTube channels.

Embed videos in email

Embed videos in email

If you already have an active email list, you can easily gain more subscribers — viewers on YouTube channel — without actually spending any extra penny. In case you do not have one, then we strongly recommended to try email marketing. It is a cost-effective way to promote YouTube videos. 

Email Marketing proves to give you 32X ROI which is much more than any marketing campaign. So, embed videos in an email, allow it to give immense growth on your YouTube channel.

Personal Branding is a must

Personal branding is an ongoing process of maintaining and building an online reputation. It is a process where you position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Great brand presence can drive massive traffic and growth on your YouTube channel. 

Check out what analytics says

Check out what analytics says

YouTube analytics can save lots of time and effort. It helps you to understand what works for your audiences and what doesn’t. With moment-by-moment tracking, you can analyze each footage of your videos.

You will get key insight into the audience’s wants, their behaviour through which you can formulate proper content (including viral content). 

Promote long videos with a mini teaser

As per YouTube, people love to watch short content over long content. This changeover brings Tiktok, Instagram reels, YouTube short as the next big choice of marketers. 

Well, you too can promote long videos with the short or mini teaser. Create a mini teaser (it should be catchy and build curiosity ) for your next long video. Promote it everywhere, and you will end up getting a lot more views on that particular video. 

Promote your videos everywhere you can do

Promotion is an ongoing process that requires continuous attention, experimentation, and improvement. There is no hard and fast rule for YouTube channel promotion. Anywhere you get a chance to promote your videos, do it; let it be social media accounts, any community, friends, colleagues, or anything.

But make sure that the audience should not find it an interrupted sales-y message. This will create a negative impression of your channel.

There are also lots of video ideas on Youtube that you can draw inspiration from. Look at what you can improve and do your own version of that.

Maintain consistency

 Excellent promotional strategies, best video content will show your dream results only when you maintain consistency in executing it.

“Consistency is the key to success.”

You cannot achieve success in one day. But you can achieve success by maintaining consistency. 

Wrapping Up

Now you have many effective promotional tactics in your pockets through which you can bring more eyes to your YouTube channel, achieve your dream subscribers and make your channel, one of the trending channels of your industry. 

In case of any query, reach out to us in the comment section, we will answer each of your doubts.

Let us know which among the given strategists did you like the most? You may also share any other promotional ways that you are aware of.

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