What is Niche in Blogging? How to Find Less Competition Blog Niches in 2021?

As I said in the previous article, finding niche is the most important part of blogging and vlogging. Those who start a blog without thinking about niche, mostly fail and then complain that they could not get traffic or revenue from the site or video channel. Here are some of the messages which I got from friends on facebook and WhatsApp messenger.

Most of the people have these questions,

  1. “Brother, how should I increase my traffic?”
  2. “Bro, why I am not earning anything from my blog?”
  3. “Bro, which niche gives more money?” etc.

And my simple cross question to them is, “Why should people visit your blog?” and then they either vanish away or become angry.

I succeeded in blogging because I worked on the problems which I faced during my college and university time. The problem was that no site on Internet provided content which I needed. Some sites were providing crap content as they either copied the information from books or they had no value while those having good content had difficult language which a normal student like me could not understand. Hence that paved a way for me to jump into blogging career.

Now the question is how to find your perfect niche 9as I did) and before that we need to understand what the heck is “Niche”?

What is a Niche?

If we go to Google, it defines niche as “denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.” Cambridge Dictionary defines Niche as, “an area or position that is exactly suitable for a small group of the same type.”

So, niche, in simple words refer to a category or area which has a specific content for a specific type of audience. e.g. Apple makes Macbooks, iPads, iMacs and iPhones.

Similarly, my site englishnotes.com has students of English Literature and Language as audience. Feedough.com is about startups.

Imagine a site writing about startups, english literature, food and cars. Will you ever recommend such site to any of your friends? Of course not. Why? Because, a site which does not deal with a specific audience cannot never become a brand.

So, niche is the most important thing to think about, before you dive into the blogging or vlogging career.

How to Find Niche for Blogging?

Next question is, “How to find the niche which you should work on?”

Well, if you start asking others to help you find profitable niches (so that you may be able to earn money, then you can’t succeed. Why? Because the one who you should ask about niche is none but you yourself. Moreover, you should not choose the niche based on “profit”. Instead, you should choose a niche which you have expertise of.

  • e.g. if you are an engineer, you would surely have faced a lot of problems in the college. You can solve those very problems in your blog.
  • Similarly, if you love cooking food and do not find good content about the dishes which you can make, then you can grab the opportunity.
  • If you are a programmer, you can teach programming right from the basics (for absolute beginners) and so on.

Every niche, every area and every thing in the world in imperfect. So, there remains a room for improvement and for something better. Hence we need to ask ourselves the following questions,

  1. What am I good at? What can I do in a better way?
  2. What are the problems which I have faced in my life?
  3. How did I solve them? How can I solve them for others well?
  4. How my solution will be unique and different from that of others?
  5. What will make the people visit my blog/vlog and love my content?
  6. What valuable information can I provide them which others couldn’t?
  7. How my competitors are doing in the niche? What are the good things which I can copy from them? What are the bad things which I can work on and thus provide something better from theirs?
  8. What are my strategies for creating the content?
  9. How am I going to implement those strategies?
  10. Is my content easy enough to be understood by a 5th standard student?
  11. Have I removed all the unnecessary information from the content? etc

Once you answer these questions, it will become quite easy to improve your skills and finally speed up your work and finally you will head for success.

And now, the final question is,

How to Find Less Competition Blog Niches in 2021?

Well, I think, after reading the article, this question would seem quite stupid because every niche has some areas which need work because nothing is perfect and there is a room for improvement.

We will discuss how to write the content properly in other article. Hope you enjoyed the article!

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