How to Start a Blog in 2021 and Not Get Fooled

I know, you would have read hundreds of articles about starting a blog. Every blogger on the internet including those who have just installed the WordPress on a shared host are here to give you the “expert” advice. They will be telling you how to earn $20,000 a month (put any amount to lure the readers) though they themselves would be struggling to earn $2 a day.

So, in this world of fake people, fake ideas and fake figures, many people who desire to begin their career leave their own niche (which they have expertise of) and go on a wrong track because they read some nonsense articles like this one:

Starting a Blog - Mistake No. 1

e.g. I am a student of English Literature and I’m supposed to begin my blogging career on English Literature only, because I know the subject well and also I’m well aware of problems which a student of literature field faces.

What I will do? I will google “How to Start a Website” or “How to Start a Blog” and then some gentleman would be telling me this

Expert Advice which Idiots Give

What will happen? I will be misguided by these expert tips and will leave my field and go for Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc as they would surely have suggested.

Will I succeed? Never! Why? Because I’m not an expert of this field and neither I know what problems will I face on such a blog or what problems I am going to solve.

Another way of fooling is this:

Making Money by Blogging in Not Easy
Earning Money by Blogging in Not Easy

These people come up with a random figure ($10,000, $20,000 and even $1,000,00) and say that we can easily earn that much amount. But deep inside, we all know this is all nonsense. However we still want to read it (because of this figure) and are fed with wrong information. An information which was not for us. And finally we fail and then post something like this in the group to which I will respond like this 😂

Example of a Failed Blogger

So, the question is, “How to Save Ourselves From Wrong Path?” and “Start a Blog That Would Make Us Successful?” I will breakdown the ideas as follows:

What to know before starting a blog?

Well, I have explained in detail, the importance of knowing your niche in this article. One of the most important things which every beginner should do is to ask these questions to yourself and write down the answers on the notebook which your mind gives

You should know what are you good at, what are best skills, what career are you currently pursuing, and the most important thing “what problems did you face in the field which you have expertise of of”

One of the secrets of a successful blogger is knowing the problem in his niche and solving it in his blog or vlog or anywhere.

An entrepreneur is none but the one who is capable of finding a problem and providing a unique, better and of course innovative solution.

e.g. in India, when 4G was launched, all the companies including Airtel, Aircel, Reliance, Vodafone etc were charging 249 INR for 1GB data! And the characteristic feature of the data was that it would vanish away within 10 minutes. Moreover we were paying 1INR for a 1 minute call.

And when Jio was launched in 2016, the telecom market was disrupted. Its plans were so powerful that within a year, half of Indian population (with smartphones) switched to Jio (including me) and all the telecom companies were forced to provide the same plans to their users.

Today, we enjoy unlimited internet and calls as well as SMS on every network and most of the people today prefer Jio over other telecom providers. This is the skill! This is the way of a successful businessman.

Same should be the way of every blogger. There is nothing like “profitable niche”. Its all about problem and its solution. You must first know about your niche, then problems which people face in that niche, then your innovative solution and finally Boom! You launch your blog and within a span of time you get audience. It’s as simple as that.

Next question is:

Mistakes to avoid when starting a blog

Well, I will be frank to you. The first and foremost advise is to stop reading sites which fool us by extraordinary figures and giving nonsense “expert advices”.

You should not believe articles like this.

Blog Traffic Ideas

You should NEVER start a blog for earning money. The very first reason of failure is your intent for making money. The priority is user experience and demand fulfilling. If you do that, money will come to you.

Blogging is not something which will start yielding money overnight. It’s slow, it takes time and it requires a lot of patience, smart work and consistency. If you can’t do these three things, a big failure would be waiting for you soon.

Never believe people who cleverly encourage you to choose their affiliate products (like this one).

Start a Blog on Bluehost

What I have experienced over years is that these products and services (which affiliate sites promote) are costly and trap the users after a blog reaches a certain level.

You should rather do a well research on internet for choosing a good hosting. e.g. I used hosting (when I started my blog). There are many sites which fool us by saying that they provide something for free. In real that service or product could be free. e.g.

Free SSL

This site claims to provide SSL certificate for free (which makes a site secure). But in real, SSL is totally free. CloudFlare and LetsEncrypt provide SSL at no cost. Hence you should give a considerable time in choosing a good hosting. I myself prefer NameCheap, and hosting. You may go for the one which you think is suitable for you.

Never try to get advice about the niche (which you want to choose) from others. You have lived a life and you know what you are good at. You should choose the niche yourself and find out what exactly you want to do. A strategy is nothing but a detailed plan of implementing ideas which you already have.

Avoid influencers and those with big names. They never do anything for you nor they are interested in you. Instead, they are expert at using their names for extracting money from you.

e.g. Neil Patel first made his base by imparting knowledge. Then he launched UbberSuggest. He claimed that it is free and always be. But after some time, he asked the users to give him access to their search consoles (I remember well, when the wizard asked permission for Search Console Access) and finally he made the tool paid. Mission achieved.

You should find people like you and discuss things with them. I have learnt a lot from beginners than the influencers. You need not to learn big terms and words to begin your blogging career. Instead the one who knows nothing but his niche, the problem in the niche and its solution succeeds in his life.

Finally, you should never go for paid tools. Those promoting these tools earn a lot when you make a purchase. Look at this image

They have ample of coupon codes (which lure the users to opt for them).

I’m into blogging since 2014 and I believe that we DO NOT NEED PAID TOOLS to become successful. Free tools have ample of data which if used appropriately, can give us expected results. You can use following tools for making research

  1. Google Autocomplete: you can prefix or suffix keywords to the main topic.
  2. Explore Keywords SEO Tools (they are free and always be)
  3. Google Trends (to find if the keyword you want to work on will give you traffic or not).
  4. ahrefs free tools (you can find them in the footer section of ahrefs home page)
  5. Google Search Console, Bing Webmasters, Yandex Webmasters and Baidu Webmasters (they have ample of data you need.
  6. Google Analytics
  7. JetPack (if your site is on WordPress) etc.

Next are some

Tips when starting a blog

Well, I have simple funda, “simplicity, relevance, to the point and goal oriented approach. There is no more tip from me. Your best teacher is your experience and your problems. Rest are fake and selfish.

Hope you like my post😊

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