Using Explore Keywords Tools for Keyword Research

In this article, I will tell you how can we use free keyword research tools provided by Explore Keywords for keyword research. So, as we read in the previous posts, all the major search engines provide keyword research tools like “Autocomplete Feature”, “PAA Section”, “Related Keywords Section”, “Keywords in Webmasters” etc.

Though these keywords are enough for any type of keyword research, the downside of these tools is that they consume a lot of our time. e.g. in order to find all the Question keywords relating to a the keyword “Keyword Research” we will have to literally add pronouns like “what”, “which”, “how” etc before it to find relevant keywords.

Similarly, we will require to add a, b, c and so on before and after every seed keyword to find new keywords. So, what if we have some tools which do this for us instantly?

I know that you might have used AnswerthePublic but it is paid now. They provide just 3 searches for free each day. Moreover it also lacks Keyword Search Volume feature.

Here comes the need of keyword research tools provided by Explore Keywords

Keyword Volume Checker

Keyword Volume Checker is probably the most important tool on Explore Keywords.

Simply insert any short tail keyword and hit enter. The tool will fetch average keyword search volume along with CPC and Competition data. It also shows month-wise searches of the keyword like Google Trends.

However the biggest difference between Keyword Volume Checker and Google Trends is that the latter shows interest which can be confusing while the former shows no. of searches.

Unlimited Keywords Generator

Unlimited Keywords Generator Tool generates infinite keywords for a seed keyword. This script is important when you run out of ideas or need some keywords associated with a product or service or topic.

Instant Keywords Generator

This script instantly generates keyword suggestions from Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay concurrently. This can help us to understand the behaviour of users on different search engines and eCommerce sites.

We can use the collective keywords to optimise our content for multiple platforms and reach more audience. Note that Windows laptops and PCs come with Edge Browser inbuilt which has Bing/Yahoo as default browser.

Hence we should always keep these two search engines in mind when doing SEO.

A-Z Keywords Generator

This script generates keywords by suffixing alphabets one by one. It saves our time by generating all possible keywords in a few seconds.

Question Keywords Generator

Questions are the new trend in search engines. Whenever a users has a question in his minds, he searches it in google. Hence we should always use question keywords whenever possible.

Search questions manually by adding pronouns before the seed keyword is time consuming. So, we can use Question Keywords Generator Tool for that.

Affiliate Keywords Generator

The last but not least tool in the list is Affiliate Keywords Generator. This tool adds popular prefixes and suffixes to the seed keyword and generates all possible keywords. You can use these keywords for affiliate products or eCommerce sites and even for review sites.

Final Words

Explore Keywords also has a bunch of keyword research tools for YouTube which are similar to the tools above. You can use them for YouTube videos.

So, these were the tools on Explore Keywords. These are free to use. In the next unit we will discuss other awesome free tools provided by some other sites.