6 Best CPM Ad Networks for Small Publishers & New Bloggers in 2021

Almost all the new bloggers dream of getting an adsense account. Some of them succeed and some start purchasing adsense accounts on facebook. However the joy is soon ruined as the revenue from adsense is not more than $0.5 a day even if a site has around 200 daily hits.

So, the bloggers start asking about a better platform. Here are some screenshots from my phone.

I also share the same story. Back in 2016, my traffic started increasing rapidly (from 50 hits a day to 1000 a day). I thought that my adsense will give me at least $1 day. However, it could not reach even $0.5 😁.

I started searching for “Best Ad Networks” on Google and as expected the ad networks I found were media.net, infolinks, chitika, adnow, revenuehits, etc. And, honestly, all of them were useless for me and so they are even today.

I found hundreds more and they were even worst. However, one day, I found the name ezoic.com (which was new for me as I was used to see media.net and infolinks as best adsense alternatives).

I signed up for Ezoic and on the very first day, I earned $0.7 which was far better than adsense. That day, I felt that I will soon start earning from Ezoic and the same happened. Within 6 months, my traffic increased and so did earning . I invested all the amount on the site (by hiring content writers) and that led me to reach new heights.

Earning on Ezoic

With time, many new such publishers have appeared and I am going to tell you the best ones which I have personally used and found better than adsense and craps like media.net and infolinks.


Ezoic is definitely on the top of my list. The reason behind it is that I succeeded in blogging because of Ezoic. Every blogger needs some revenue which motivates him to write more and invest his time as well as earned money in it. And I can proudly say that Ezoic provides such platform.

For a publisher account on Ezoic, a site requires at least 10k (10,000) sessions (not page views) a month. Hence, if you are absolute beginner, its better to focus on niche, problem in the niche, solution of problem, then content and then of course consistency.

Once, you cross the 10k sessions a month mark, sign up for ezoic. Along with revenue, there are ample of other benefits of Ezoic like,

  1. Life time FREE fully managed hosting for WordPress sites (you will never have to pay a penny for hosting)
  2. $20 minimum payout (Net 30 days)
  3. free SSL, cache, minification
  4. Big Data Analytics (it has a lot of important data, more than Google Analytics)
  5. Ample of ad formats (display, link, video and native ad units) etc
  6. Layout Tester Feature (your site will have a different for each user!) Amazing na?

So, if you have 10k or more sessions a month, you should apply for Ezoic and never look for any other ad network until you cross 1 Million page views a month.


Insticator is one of my favourite sites. I am a fan of their unique widgets which are in the form of MCQs along with two ads

Insticator Ads with Widgets

When a user clicks any answer, the ads below refresh automatically and the revenue is generated. In addition to it, Insticator also provides another innovative and engaging ad format, which is “Commenting” widget.

Insticator Commenting

When I signed up for Insticator, it required at least 250k page views a month. I inserted the ad widgets along with the ezoic ads and the result was unexpected. My revenue got doubled and the average time of the site also increased.

The team of Insticator is supportive which is also something which I love.

I recently heard that they require at least 500k page views a month now. So, if you have this much traffic, you should definitely try Insticator.

Value Impression

Value Impression is one of my favourite ad networks. I am currently using ValueImpression on englishnotes.com. It requires at least 100k page views a month to sign up for a publisher account.

ValueImpression has display ad units as well as video ad units. The team of Value Impression is also quite supportive and reply promptly to all the querieswhich has made to remain stick with them.

You can sign up for ValueImpression if you are not a fan of Ezoic.


I started using vdo.ai’s video and display ads back in January 2020 (when Coronavirus had extended its love towards the humanity). Since then, it is generating a very stable revenue (not high, but it’s still good), even when other ad networks went down.

Screenshot 2020 09 17 at 21.51.24

You can use vdo.ai’s ads along with ValueImpression, Insticator and even with Ezoic. If you need video ads, you should try vdo.ai.


I’m using MonetizeMore’s PubGuru ads on one of my sites and like vdo.ai, the revenue of PubGuru is also not that much but it is stable. I do not remember but I think it requires at least 500k page views a month.


You can try MonetizeMore + ValueImpression+ vdo.ai + insticator + taboola to earn a handsome income.

You can check out MonetizeMore’s PubGuru Plan here.


AdClerks is different from others and I’m using it on EnglishNotes.com since 2 years. It is a marketplace where you can sell your inventory and other can purchase it at your quoted price. It does not have any eligibility criteria. You may sign up for adclerks if you have a small site.

Screenshot 2020 09 17 at 21.58.21


There are many other good ad networks like Taboola (requires 1 Million page views a month), Columbia Ads (their plans are however not very good), ZergNet etc. However, I am not a big fan of them as most of them did not work for me.

Hope you have learnt a lot today and won’t get befooled again by other “Great alternatives of adsense” 😁

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