How Do Affiliate Marketers Fool the Beginners and Make Money – my own experience

As you would have guessed (after reading the title of this article), I’m not going to throw fancy words before you and make you purchase some product using my affiliate link.

I’m going to share my own reading and experience after reading hundreds of “Affiliate Marketers” and their strategies which are nothing but ways of compelling the newbies and people like me to purchase the product using their affiliate links.

Most of those products and services which they promote either have little to no value or they are comparatively costlier than the same products and services sold by other companies.

So, let us begin my sharing some of the screenshots I took today. (Click arrows in the right and left of image to see all the screenshots)

What I found common in all of these screenshots is that some of these are teaching others to earn from affiliate sites while others are trying hard to learn how to do that. What I find missing in them is value, genuineness and better products for the users.

Method 1 of Befooling: Fancy Words

Let us begin by analysing BlueHost’s Affiliate program and the sites which promote it. Checkout this screenshot which I took.

WP Beginner's Method of Befooling the People

I will try to discuss each para separately.

WPBeginner claims that a domain name costs around $14.99 i.e. $15 (around 1100.42 INR) yearly. However, a simple google search shows that a domain does not cost more than $10. Check out the price of domains on BIGROCK (which I am using since 2013 for domain names).

Screenshot 2020 09 18 at 15.22.25

On the other hand, CloudFlare gives the domain at registry price. Check out the prices of some TLDs (Top Level Domains on CloudFlare.

Cloudflare Domain Price
Source: CloudFlare

So, the first thing which they said is wrong and mere a lie.

In the next para, they claim that BlueHost agreed to offer WPBeginners readers free domain name and 60% off on hosting. Really? Checkout the price of BlueHost below.

BlueHost Starter Plan Scam

It says that we will have to pay $2.75 a month. However did you notice that * (asterisk)? If you search the whole page, you will find a small text placed in the bottom telling this

Bluehost Hosting Scam

So, this price in big font size is just for 1st term, then you are supposed to pay $8 a month. Let us check out hosting price of other sites: offers the same hosting at half its price.

Screenshot 2020 09 18 at 15.39.57

NameCheap also offers better hosting at half its price

Screenshot 2020 09 18 at 15.41.45

Ezoic, on the other hand, offers lifetime free hosting for all the approved sites.

Here is another affiliate marketer building bridges of appreciation for BlueHost.

WhatsApp Image 2020 09 18 at 14.48.17 2

So, the idea is not to provide value to the readers but fill one’s own pocket because these sites pay huge to those promoting their products.

Do you really think they care about you when their content is filled with such fancy lines (as if the product which they are promoting has no match in the world)?

Method 2 of Fooling: Blueprints and Ultimate Guides

Another type of scam which I find the most common on all the affiliate marketing sites is their blueprints, ultimate guides, free courses, eBooks and what not worth $40,000 or even $10,00,00,00 (does it matter? 😂)

Check out this screenshot from one of the sites I often visit

WhatsApp Image 2020 09 18 at 14.48.16

This gentleman is giving 40,000 INR worth bonus for Free. Why? And who is the one deciding this price? And what is the “Amazing Prize”? Do you think this is a genuine post? Do you really believe that which they claim is true?

We get attracted towards them because of the word “FREE” which is, in my opinion, the biggest scam and tool for the scammers.

Take a deep breath and think how these people throw lies before us and we believe them all without thinking even once.

It is not that I hate affiliate marketing. I love it and also recommend you to go for it. But what I hate is the scam done with the users in the name of affiliate marketing.

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