Why has my website dropped in rankings?

ForumWhy has my website dropped in rankings?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
I know correlation doesn't always equal causation, but I wonder.   So I implemented a code on my site a day before yesterday and I lost 10% (from the lowest average point) of search traffic the very next day. My first guess was Google flux, but it has happened before. I removed the code the very next day and boom, traffic returned to normal. Usually, I know Google is slow to react to things, so I'm wondering, is this a Google flux or is it possible that implementing a code on your site can affect SEO and traffic?   PS: I analysed the traffic on the search console and found that the average position didn't drop, just a significant drop in impression. The code implemented was an ad code.
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
It don't know that it is just a coincidence, Google doesn't react this much fast. I also managing some display ad sites, when I change something it take weeks to change in ranking. Here in your case might be possible that it may slow down your site, because Google strictly follow site speed factor. Sometimes you see a special situation. Hope you removed it.
Poonam Sharma answered 2 years ago
Any code implementation that has to do with Google ads is not going to affect anything other than maybe PSI if it is a JavaScript install anyway. I'm not sure what implementation you did exactly but if it's anything to do with Google ads it should be. In any case the PSI impact for one script more would be so marginal there's no way it would cause a 10% decrease. So I believe it's a flux thing. Now tracking implementations I'm pretty sure we'll have zero impact on anything as that should not be Java. Other than better metrics.