Want to buy PPC Click Protection Software. Need reviews

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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
Next week I will be testing each of the below software and evaluating them from an agency (not small/single business) use perspective:
  • ClickCease
  • ClickGUARD
  • PPC Protect
  • Clixtell
After digging into some PPC for a few companies in the home service industry, I found using software to prevent excessive, or otherwise unauthorized clicks of ads could save a good chunk of ad spend.   If you have used any of the above, please share your experience with the software in the comments below. Let's hear the pros and cons and really crackdown on what the best offering is!
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
I have been using ClickCease but noticed lately that none of my blocked IPs were being added to my Google Ads campaign's exclusion list in real time. I reached out to support and could not get a solid answer so I spent the past few hours trying out ClickGuard. First and foremost, ClickGuard is a bit more complex to set up and configure, but that is because there are a lot more options and YOU are given a lot more control on what happens. I noticed IPs being added to exclusion lists in real time. A lot more customization on blocking and behavior is available as well. I did not see anything for screen recording, but honestly at an agency level with multiple accounts, this will not really get used. Once you have fine-turned your settings you will hardly log in. In exchange, the Click Reports and Observed Rules are nice: ClickGuard PPC Protection Another perk with ClickGuard, support seemed to be technicians, while ClickCease just has support reps. ClickGuard support managed to help me navigate some of the more complex areas of the software, while ClickCease did not have the resources to answer my question on whether IPs were being excluded in real-time, or in batches on the spot.