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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
I have a question about indexing. I recently created a site, and I've submitted my site map. The problem is, google search console is showing me that only a small portion of my site is indexed. My most important, content-rich pages are not indexed at all. I see it says "Discovered - currently not indexed" status Excluded. What is the process that I need to take to hopefully get my pages indexed?
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
Is your site very large? If so, just wait for Google to come back and visit those pages. IF your site is small (under 500-1000 pages), and this notice persists for the same number of pages, then evaluate the quality of your content — it could be that Google doesn't think it's not worthy of their time. The confusing thing about this status is that any content quality issues aren't limited to the listed URLs, it could be a site-wide issue.