PPC Landing Pages for local service businesses, do you use them?

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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
After setting up a few PPC campaigns I have found that 99% of our client's competitors are not using landing pages for their responsive search ads. Most are just going to their home page. After recording screens and seeing the actions of visitors, I will be definitely be making landing pages for our ads that feature:
  1. No navigation menu in the header, just a logo, and a large phone number
  2. Google Ads Conversion Tracking for Phone CALLS (not clicks) and Form Submission Triggers via Google Tag Manager.
  3. No internal links or talking about the company and other services offered that do not apply to the ad campaign the page is for
  4. Frequent use of call's to action
  5. Make 100% sure to answer the questions that the searcher has above the fold.
  6. No footer links, just a simple, CRO lead form.
Do any of you have solid examples of what you use as landing pages for your local service businesses? Bonus question: Do you put your pages on a subdomain, or primary domain and no-index them?
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
Depends. We have often found that in some areas or different parts of the country there is a huge drop off rate for landing pages without the ability to navigate the website, mostly in southern states for our niche. Because of this, we allow our data and heat maps to guide and drive our decisions. We may start with closed off landing pages and move to non-site separated later if we see conversions go up, and vice a versa. Lastly, we put them in directories. Easier to manage and Google doesn't flag it for using another domain in campaigns! As with all things, test test test!
Mike Martens answered 2 years ago
We typically use each individual service page as the lander… the bigger the ticket, the more information people need. Drain cleaning keywords convert on a dedicated lander. Someone searching for custom trex deck builders will need to see a lot more than a one page lander to convert