Is there another site like AnswerThePublic?

ForumCategory: SEO - On-Page & Off-PageIs there another site like AnswerThePublic?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 6 months ago
trends, AnswerThePublic has carved a niche for itself. Its visual representation of search questions and autocomplete searches has made it a favorite among digital marketers. However, given its premium pricing for advanced features, many professionals and beginners alike find themselves wondering: Is there another site like AnswerThePublic that offers similar, if not better, functionality, preferably at a more accessible price point or even for free?
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Mohammad Athar Staff answered 6 months ago
Absolutely! If you're on the lookout for a platform that mirrors the capabilities of AnswerThePublic but doesn't burn a hole in your pocket, look no further than Here's why ExploreKeywords stands out as a stellar alternative:
  1. Comprehensive Suite of Tools: While AnswerThePublic is predominantly known for visualizing search queries, ExploreKeywords offers a broader spectrum of tools. These include:
  2. Cost-Effective: The best things in life are free, and this adage holds true for ExploreKeywords. You get access to a plethora of SEO tools without any hidden costs or trials. It's truly a treasure trove of SEO insights without the price tag.
  3. Real-time Updates: SEO is a dynamic field, and having real-time data can give you a competitive edge. ExploreKeywords ensures that you're always equipped with the latest data, ensuring that your SEO strategies are always a step ahead.
  4. User-Friendly Experience: With its intuitive interface, even those new to the realm of SEO can navigate the platform with ease, making the keyword research process smooth and efficient.
  5. Community and Support: Beyond just tools, ExploreKeywords boasts a thriving community of SEO enthusiasts. Engage, learn, and grow with like-minded individuals who share your passion for digital marketing.
In conclusion, while AnswerThePublic has its merits, emerges as a formidable alternative, offering a wider range of tools and features, all for free. Whether you're an SEO novice or a seasoned pro, ExploreKeywords is poised to be your trusted companion in your digital marketing journey.