Is my expired domain banned by Google?

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ForumCategory: SEO - On-Page & Off-PageIs my expired domain banned by Google?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 11 months ago
I'm looking at getting an expired domain name but according to, it's banned in Google. Also when I Google there are no results. So, this is not good and I should not get it right?
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Fajal Shah answered 11 months ago
You can't trust the tool's determination that a domain is banned in Google. I have a test domain that I prevent Google from indexing. DN Protect's tool says the domain is banned. The tool also interprets "Current status No available data" as "potentially dangerous", which is ridiculous. I would not rely on these reports when making a purchase decision. But don't use 3rd-party SEO metrics of any kind, as far as I am concerned, as they are only automated opinions and don't provide any insight into whether search engines trust a domain.
Poonam answered 11 months ago
You may be able to request a review from Google once you claim ownership. You will not know until u try. In any case, I would not pay for this domain anything beyond registration fee

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