How to increase organic traffic to your website?

ForumHow to increase organic traffic to your website?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
I manage two websites. One of the sites is having a very hard time gaining any Google SERP traction. Page content runs about 400 - 600 words per page. Keywords and long-tail phrases included. Inbound links are low. But overall the site is simple and informative. Any suggestions?
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Sajid answered 2 years ago
First of all go to Google and type "site: your-website-url" without the quotes. This will show you the indexed pages. If all the pages are indexed, you can rule out any indexing issue. Secondly, is the topic popular among the people? Thirdly, is your website linked with Google search console? If so, what's the average rank? Irrespective of the average rank, you will see the queries that are triggering Google to display your website (albeit way back on perhaps page 50). Leverage those queries. Use them in your content. While Yoast SEO provides some outdated SEO tips, in your case it will be beneficial. Install yoast SEO if the website is on Wordpress. Lastly, do your webpages follow all the structural best practices? I mean, is your content organised with H1, H2, H3s, bullet points, title tag, images, alt tags etc?
Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
I always found SEMRUSH to be worth the Time / Money for sites that have a lack of expected baseline audience (as long as you run the searches and reports and follow the instruction you should be better informed to facilitate gaining small bits of momentum. Establishing B2B services, estimators and info. Like downloads of insurance and licensing, images of past projects and anything you can do to encourage existing clients to visit. The law of attraction (via Google) will fill the site if you find a commonly needed thread of content for your users. Also, this sounds like a relationship based niche. Consider interjecting more about the people into the site content. Anyhow, I am assuming this is a brick and mortar company. Don't ignore Google My Business, LinkedIn, etc.. Anything coming in there? And is he NAP properly distributed and accurate. Add an email list. I could go on.
Poonam answered 2 years ago
(For most niches) having content in the 400-600 word range is not optimal for SEO. If you’re in a super narrow niche with very little competition you can *maybe* have long tail phrases perform well. The average post on the first page is about 1,800 words long and as Sheikh pointed out, backlinks are another key factor in climbing the SERP rankings.
Rahul answered 2 years ago
Target some high volume keywords and try to acquire some backlinks from your niche sites. You can try topic cluster for better result or if that is not possible then silo structure will also help. Look into your search console and examine every url. There are lots of keywords for which u might be ranking that actually are not included in the content. If the impression are high then try to accommodate those keywords in your content. Share your content socially and ask your friends or followers to retweet or reshare them.