How to fix “discovered – currently not indexed” in Google Search Console?

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ForumHow to fix “discovered – currently not indexed” in Google Search Console?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 12 months ago
I have a website that was recently launched. I have been getting a lot of "discovered - currently not indexed" errors in Google Search Console. What is the best way to resolve this issue?
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Fajal Shah answered 12 months ago
Yeah I hear about this all the time though I've never really seen it much. I saw it once a couple years ago when a money page dropped off the index but I just changed the content a little bit on the page resubmitted the site map and it was back up in no time. Also make sure it's not orphaned it did sound like you mentioned internal anchors however you need to complete the loop I'm not sure that you did that. It's not enough to just point at the page if it's not in your main navigation you need that page to also then point back to a main navigation page. A lot of times that's what it is Google doesn't like orphaned pages.

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