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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 3 years ago
I checked the website of a client who cancelled services 2 months ago (she did not mention why). She's getting 400+ page views from a single MOFU article we wrote for her website and her keywords have jumped positions. Hundreds are now on page 1. I'd like to send her an email, updating her about this good news and maybe win her back, but I dunno how to say it.
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Fajal Shah answered 3 years ago
"I mentioned when we first started that SEO can take a while to really start seeing results. The work we do month 1 doesn't pay off in month 2, it pays off in month 10. I was checking the data and noticed that the work we did for you way back when is finally paying off and you've got [some result]. I'd really like to work with you again and get us set up to see this kind of jump again and again and again. I think these results prove that our SEO services are valuable and are going to bring you a positive ROI. Would you be open to discussing this?"
Ron Prosky answered 3 years ago
Ask them if they're seeing an increase in calls/sales that is in line with this new volume of traffic. Let them know that you were planning some A/B testing when you parted ways, specifically because you knew this increase in traffic was just around the corner and to not take full advantage of it would be tragic. The only risk is if they say they are very happy with the increase in calls/sales, then you're screwed and it's your own fault for doing too good of a job initially