Conversion metrics in digital marketing

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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 11 months ago
Do you see conversion rate as a metric SEO should be responsible for ?
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Fajal Shah answered 11 months ago
No. Marketing is “getting people to the door.” Customer/Product service is getting people to come inside. SEO is making sure they can find your address. There are “conversion” points along the way to each. Your conversion rate may be measured by the number of clicks to the site, but once they get there, that baton is then passed over into the marketing realm.
Poonam Sharma answered 11 months ago
Conversion rate? No   Conversions? yes.   Positive ROI for the business is the ultimate goal and just looking at a rate ignores the added traffic that is generated. Not all traffic is sales related but % would ignore that fact and penalize you for driving more traffic.