Using Bing Webmasters for Keyword Research 


In the previous section, we have discussed the powerful yet free tools provided by Google for increasing traffic to our site. However we know well that it is very hard for ranking on Google and often sites get badly hit by Google Updates.

So, relying totally on Google is a bad idea. This is why I often suggest my friends to optimise their site and content for Bing as well. There are certain reasons for that.

Why Bing SEO Optimization in Important?

Before we proceed to the free tools provided by Bing, I would like to cite some reasons why you should care about Bing.

  1. Bing is the biggest search engine after Google. When we submit our links to Bing, they automatically get indexed to Yahoo & Microsoft Search as well. The combined traffic of these three search engines can bring a good amount of traffic to our site.
  2. After the launch of Edge Browser, those who prefer privacy use it instead of Chrome and in Edge Browser, the default search engine is Bing.
  3. There are ample of small search engines which borrow the data from Bing. e.g. get at least 50-60 daily hits from ecosia, oceanhero etc.
  4. I have seen that Bing is quite popular in China. So, you can get traffic from population-wise world’s largest country.
  5. It is very easy to rank in Bing for a competitive keyword as compared to Google. You can rank a new website in Bing with in a few days.

Here is my site’s 6 month’s Bing stats.

On an average, 700 visitors visit my site daily. Bing traffic is more engaging than that of Google. I get 1.5k daily page views solely from Bing. That is 45k hits a month!

So, now we understand that we should care about Bing. So, how should be begin?

Prerequisites for Bing Traffic

  1. I assume that you already have signed up for Bing Webmasters.
  2. You should install Bing Webmasters Plugin to your WordPress site for automatic indexing of your content. I will save a lot of your time. (I love this feature). You can also use this feature provided by RankMath plugin.

Search Performance

The Search Performance tab of Bing Webmasters Tool lists all the keywords for which our site or its pages appear in the Bing Search (like Google).

  • Make the date ranger of 6 months from top right and export all the keywords.
  • Arrange these keywords into groups (of topics).
  • Understand what exactly a user search for a particular page or topic and use those keywords in subheadings or forum topics or even in the courses.
  • Your site will quickly grow and you will be less dependent on Google.
  • You will also be getting higher engagement.

Keyword Research Tab

Bing’s Keyword Research Tool is vital for keyword research. It was recently launched. I have been using it since then.

You can insert any keyword, and it will tell its volume, country-wise popularity etc. e.g. the keyword “keyword research” has 1.3k monthly searches on Bing and this keyword is mostly searched in USA. So its a good keyword for your next blog post/course/forum topic.

When we scroll down, we get hundreds of related keywords, question keywords and newly discovered keywords, their trend and volume.

Use this tool often and try comparing this data with that of GSC.

Bing Search Results Page

Like Google’s Search Results Page, Bing’s Search Result Page can be used for getting long tail keywords. You can either use autocomplete feature of Bing Search or find related keywords in the bottom of the page. However I do not use this feature because Bing Webmaster Tools are far powerful than this.

You can use Explore Keyword’s Instant Keywords Search feature for getting more keywords.

Hope this tutorial has provided you with useful information.