High CPC Keywords List – Free Keyword List (500+)

In today’s digital age, keywords play a crucial role in online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). With the right keywords, businesses can reach their target audience and drive traffic to their websites, ultimately leading to potential conversions and sales. However, not all keywords are created equal, and some are more valuable than others.

In particular, high CPC (cost-per-click) keywords have become a hot topic in the world of digital marketing, as they can significantly impact the success of online campaigns. In this article, we will explore the top high CPC keywords list in the USA with low traffic, providing businesses and marketers with a valuable resource to enhance their keyword strategies and improve their chances of success in the competitive online landscape.

With over 500 keywords on our free list, readers will have a comprehensive understanding of the high CPC keywords that can help them achieve their marketing goals. So, let’s dive in and discover the power of high CPC keywords in driving targeted traffic to your website.

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KeywordApprox CPC
Cloud backup services$60
AI in retail solutions$60
Digital marketing for dentists$60
Digital marketing for real estate agents$60
Auto insurance price quotes$59
Online cybersecurity degree$59
Top digital advertising platforms$59
AI-driven content marketing$59
Digital marketing for e-sports$59
AI in retail inventory management$59
AI in e-commerce visual search$59
Commercial truck insurance providers$58
Managed IT services for healthcare$58
ERP for e-commerce businesses$58
Top online digital marketing certifications$58
AI in retail personalization$58
Best online master’s in quantum engineering$58
Online master’s in naval engineering$58
Best online engineering masters programs$57
Best digital transformation courses$57
Best online master’s in civil engineering$57
ERP for healthcare businesses$57
Best online master’s in renewable energy engineering$57
E-commerce push notification tools$57
E-commerce customer feedback tools$57
Business analytics tools$56
Intellectual property lawyers$56
E-commerce security solutions$56
Best online master’s in robotics engineering$56
E-commerce A/B testing tools$56
Digital marketing for photographers$56
Digital marketing for online stores$56
Cloud computing service providers$55
Structured settlement funding$55
E-commerce logistics solutions$55
Digital marketing for startups$55
E-commerce mobile app development$55
Digital marketing for law firms$55
AI-driven social media analytics$55
IoT in residential security$55
Best online trading platform$54
Dedicated server hosting solutions$54
Online masters in education leadership$54
AI-driven financial analytics$54
Digital marketing for SaaS companies$54
AI-driven social media marketing$54
Online master’s in satellite engineering$54
Best online master’s in marine engineering$54
Virtual data room providers$53
Online paralegal programs$53
Best online graphic design courses$53
Online master’s in chemical engineering$53
AI in e-commerce product recommendations$53
Online master’s in energy systems engineering$53
E-commerce mobile optimization strategies$53
AR and VR in automotive showrooms$53
Alcohol addiction treatment centers$52
Email marketing automation tools$52
AI-driven marketing solutions$52
Best online human resources degree$52
Online master’s in petroleum engineering$52
E-commerce customer loyalty programs$52
Digital marketing for fitness trainers$52
Digital advertising for e-commerce marketplaces$52
Business management software$51
Best online project management degree$51
ERP for retail businesses$51
Digital transformation in finance$51
E-commerce CRM solutions$51
Digital marketing for e-commerce platforms$51
IoT in smart agriculture$51
AI-driven e-commerce product discovery$51
Online doctoral programs in education$50
Virtual event platforms$50
Online master’s in clinical psychology$50
AI in logistics solutions$50
Digital marketing for hotels$50
IoT in transportation solutions$50
Best online master’s in railway engineering$50
Online master’s in aerospace structures engineering$50
Top online college courses$49
Payroll software for small businesses$49
Business process automation tools$49
E-commerce SEO best practices$49
Best online master’s in control engineering$49
Best online master’s in systems and control engineering$49
AR and VR in education training$49
E-commerce customer journey mapping tools$49
Best dui attorney$48
Corporate wellness programs$48
Private cloud hosting providers$48
Online master’s in industrial engineering$48
IoT for automotive solutions$48
AR and VR in sports$48
Digital marketing for architects$48
Digital marketing for plumbers$48
Consolidate graduate student loans$47
Secure credit card processing$47
Affiliate marketing platforms$47
Online bachelor’s in social work$47
Digital advertising for e-commerce$47
AI-driven email marketing$47
Digital marketing for musicians$47
AI-driven e-commerce localization$47
Best online master’s in avionics engineering$47
Ecommerce website design companies$46
B2B lead generation services$46
Mobile marketing platforms$46
Top mobile marketing strategies$46
Online master’s in bioengineering$46
AI-driven e-commerce SEO$46
Online master’s in transportation safety engineering$46
AR and VR in product prototyping$46
Internet provider comparison$45
Online MBA no GMAT$45
Top fintech startups$45
Best online master’s in software engineering$45
Digital advertising strategies for apps$45
Online master’s in telecommunications engineering$45
E-commerce voice search optimization$45
Digital advertising for online tools$45
Refinance home mortgage loans$44
Best web hosting services$44
Compare health insurance plans$44
AI in healthcare solutions$44
E-commerce international shipping solutions$44
Top e-commerce personalization tools$44
E-commerce video marketing tools$44
Digital marketing for e-books$44
AI in e-commerce content curation$44
Personal loan companies$43
Luxury rehab centers$43
Digital transformation consulting$43
Digital marketing for real estate$43
Best online master’s in acoustical engineering$43
Digital marketing for artists$43
IoT for smart grid solutions$43
Online master’s in astronautical engineering$43
Best mortgage rate refinance$42
Car donation charities$42
Top CRM software$42
Online master’s in data science$42
Best online master’s in environmental engineering$42
Digital transformation for SMBs$42
IoT for healthcare patient monitoring$42
Best online master’s in naval architecture engineering$42
E-commerce international tax solutions$42
Online master’s degree in marketing$41
Online supply chain management degree$41
Real estate CRM software$41
AR and VR in marketing$41
Online master’s in agricultural engineering$41
Best online master’s in thermal engineering$41
AR and VR in shopping malls$41
Digital marketing for lawyers$41
Cheap car insurance for young drivers$40
Forex trading platforms$40
Content marketing tools$40
Personalized marketing automation$40
AI-driven e-commerce inventory management$40
AI in e-commerce search optimization$40
AR and VR in arts$40
Digital advertising for SaaS products$40
IoT in warehouse management$40
Health insurance for self-employed$39
Best savings account interest rates$39
Best online accounting degree$39
IoT in agriculture solutions$39
Online master’s in computer engineering$39
Best online doctorate in mechanical engineering$39
Digital advertising for online courses$39
AI in e-commerce customer retention$39
Best online master’s in aviation management$39
SEO consultancy services$38
E-commerce payment gateways$38
Best online colleges for veterans$38
Digital transformation in logistics$38
Digital marketing for restaurants$38
AI in e-commerce inventory forecasting$38
Online master’s in space systems engineering$38
AR and VR in virtual tourism$38
Mesothelioma attorney$37
Top rated personal injury lawyers$37
Best online mathematics degree$37
Blockchain in finance solutions$37
Top online cybersecurity courses$37
IoT in agriculture automation$37
Online master’s in water resources engineering$37
E-commerce cart abandonment solutions$37
Digital advertising for online webinars$37
Injury lawyers for you$36
Online bachelor’s degree in business$36
Enterprise resource planning software$36
AI-driven customer service solutions$36
E-commerce branding strategies$36
Best online master’s in architectural engineering$36
E-commerce influencer marketing strategies$36
Digital marketing for doctors$36
AI-driven e-commerce payment solutions$36
Online accredited degree programs$35
Best online psychology degree programs$35
E-commerce SEO services$35
Outsourced accounting services$35
Best online master’s in materials science$35
AR and VR in gaming$35
Best online master’s in welding engineering$35
Best online master’s in transportation design engineering$35
Online master’s in air transport management$35
Register free domains$34
Data recovery experts$34
Online architecture degree$34
Online journalism degree$34
Digital marketing for healthcare$34
Digital advertising for e-learning platforms$34
AR and VR in design$34
AR and VR in social media$34
E-commerce dynamic pricing strategies$34
Criminal defense lawyer$33
Virtual call center software$33
Content delivery networks$33
Enterprise chatbot solutions$33
AI-driven sales analytics$33
AI in finance risk management$33
Digital advertising for mobile games$33
Digital advertising for e-commerce plugins$33
Digital marketing for e-commerce plugins$33
Online stock trading$32
Software for customer relationship management$32
Virtual private server providers$32
Digital banking solutions$32
Best online doctorate in computer science$32
Online master’s in biomechanical engineering$32
AI-driven e-commerce user experience$32
AI-driven e-commerce mobile app development$32
Best online master’s in flight test engineering$32
Cheap homeowner insurance$31
Accident injury attorney$31
Financial planning software$31
AI in e-commerce solutions$31
IoT for retail solutions$31
Digital marketing for fashion brands$31
Online master’s in wireless communication engineering$31
Online master’s in vehicle engineering$31
AR and VR in interior design$31
Best home security system$30
Best car accident lawyers$30
Commercial real estate loans$30
Sustainable energy solutions$30
Best online master’s in systems engineering$30
AI-driven chat support solutions$30
E-commerce referral marketing strategies$30
E-commerce affiliate marketing best practices$30
Digital advertising for software platforms$30
Asbestos lung cancer$29
Offshore accident lawyer$29
Online environmental science degree$29
Online degree in environmental engineering$29
Digital advertising for startups$29
Best online master’s in ceramic engineering$29
Digital marketing for bloggers$29
Digital marketing for e-learning platforms$29
AI in e-commerce recommendation engines$29
Dedicated hosting solutions$28
Top rated mesothelioma lawyers$28
Top marketing automation tools$28
Top digital marketing trends$28
Top e-commerce growth strategies$28
Digital marketing for luxury brands$28
AI in e-commerce packaging solutions$28
Best online master’s in vehicular electronics engineering$28
Online master’s in aircraft design engineering$28
High yield investment programs$27
Best online graduate programs in education$27
Enterprise cybersecurity solutions$27
IoT for smart cities$27
Best online aerospace engineering degree$27
IoT for smart home solutions$27
Best online master’s in wind energy engineering$27
AR and VR in real estate showcases$27
E-commerce multi-currency solutions$27
Personal injury solicitor$26
Debt consolidation advice$26
ERP software for manufacturing$26
Best online master’s in criminal justice$26
AR and VR in tourism$26
Best online master’s in environmental health engineering$26
Digital advertising for software$26
Digital advertising for mobile apps$26
Digital marketing for B2C companies$26
Structured settlements companies$25
Best virtual data rooms$25
Online interior design degree$25
Digital transformation in healthcare$25
Online master’s in biomedical sciences$25
AR and VR in education$25
AI-driven e-commerce product bundling$25
AI in e-commerce chatbots$25
Best online master’s in aircraft propulsion engineering$25
Business VOIP solutions$24
Online criminal justice degree$24
Digital marketing agencies$24
Blockchain for supply chain solutions$24
Digital marketing for e-commerce$24
Digital advertising for fintech$24
Online master’s in wood science engineering$24
Online master’s in vibration engineering$24
AR and VR in film production$24
Cash services for merchants$23
Car insurance companies near me$23
Business intelligence tools$23
Online master’s in information technology$23
AI in agriculture solutions$23
AI in e-commerce analytics$23
E-commerce email marketing automation$23
E-commerce SEO for mobile$23
Digital advertising for e-commerce widgets$23
Cheapest homeowner loans$22
Drug rehabilitation centers near me$22
Online master’s in human resources$22
Best online public relations degree$22
Online master’s in geotechnical engineering$22
Online master’s in embedded systems engineering$22
Digital marketing for coaches$22
Digital marketing for spas$22
AI in e-commerce predictive analytics$22
Bad credit secured loans$21
Top 10 online universities$21
Top video conferencing platforms$21
E-commerce customer retention strategies$21
Digital transformation in retail$21
Digital marketing for travel agencies$21
Best online master’s in yacht design engineering$21
Best online master’s in vehicle dynamics engineering$21
Online master’s in space propulsion engineering$21
Treatment for mesothelioma$20
Workers comp attorney$20
Online master’s in computer science$20
Digital transformation in education$20
Best online master’s in structural engineering$20
IoT in energy solutions$20
AR and VR in museums$20
AR and VR in art galleries$20
E-commerce customer retention tools$20
Tax debt relief$19
Online finance degree programs$19
Top 10 e-commerce platforms$19
Online master’s in biomedical engineering$19
AI-driven e-commerce pricing strategies$19
Best online master’s in fire protection engineering$19
Digital advertising for streaming platforms$19
Digital advertising for e-commerce themes$19
Digital marketing for online boutiques$19
Drug rehab centers$18
Sell my structured settlement$18
PPC management services$18
Top affiliate marketing trends$18
Online master’s in transportation engineering$18
Digital advertising for e-books$18
AI in e-commerce payment fraud detection$18
AI-driven e-commerce trend forecasting$18
Best online master’s in space exploration engineering$18
Criminal justice online classes$17
Best online IT degree programs$17
SaaS marketing strategies$17
Best online master’s in aerospace engineering$17
Digital advertising for local businesses$17
AI-driven e-commerce upselling strategies$17
Online master’s in structural health monitoring engineering$17
Online master’s in vehicle production engineering$17
AR and VR in travel planning$17
Rehab for alcoholics$16
Motorcycle accident lawyer$16
Online construction management degree$16
AR and VR in e-commerce$16
Best online master’s in geomatics engineering$16
Online master’s in engineering management$16
E-commerce live chat solutions$16
E-commerce retargeting strategies$16
Digital advertising for e-commerce apps$16
Personal injury attorney$15
Compare car insurance rates$15
Best online universities for business$15
Best online doctorate in business administration$15
AI in HR solutions$15
Digital marketing for influencers$15
Digital marketing for podcasters$15
Digital marketing for therapists$15
AI in e-commerce user personalization$15
Data recovery services$14
Business internet service providers$14
Online counseling degree$14
IoT in manufacturing solutions$14
Online master’s in hydraulic engineering$14
Best online master’s in metallurgical engineering$14
AI-driven e-commerce product categorization$14
Best online master’s in vehicle propulsion engineering$14
Online master’s in space operations engineering$14
Best criminal lawyer$13
Online health science degree$13
Social media marketing tools$13
E-commerce conversion optimization strategies$13
Digital marketing for B2B$13
AR and VR in e-commerce product visualization$13
Best online master’s in zoological engineering$13
AR and VR in sports training$13
E-commerce affiliate marketing platforms$13
Neuson car insurance$12
Hard drive data recovery services$12
Best online universities for psychology$12
Best online master’s in mechanical engineering$12
AI-driven customer insights$12
IoT for industrial automation$12
AR and VR in theaters$12
Digital advertising for plugins$12
Digital marketing for online retailers$12
Online classes for business$11
Best online graduate programs$11
E-commerce website builders$11
E-commerce chatbot solutions$11
Best online doctorate in civil engineering$11
Digital advertising for podcasts$11
Digital advertising for video platforms$11
AI in e-commerce pricing strategies$11
Best online master’s in satellite systems engineering$11
Private health insurance providers$10
Online masters in social work$10
Enterprise cloud solutions$10
AI in digital marketing$10
AR and VR in real estate$10
AI-driven e-commerce checkout optimization$10
AI in e-commerce shipping solutions$10
Online master’s in vehicle safety engineering$10
AR and VR in real estate property viewing$10
Best online savings account$9
Virtual server hosting$9
Online early childhood education degree$9
Online doctorate in psychology$9
IoT for healthcare solutions$9
Best online master’s in nanotechnology engineering$9
Online master’s in radar engineering$9
E-commerce referral program tools$9
Digital advertising for online solutions$9
Domain name registration services$8
Best online nursing programs$8
Top mobile app development companies$8
Best online colleges for active duty military$8
Best online master’s in photonics engineering$8
Digital marketing for NGOs$8
E-commerce upselling and cross-selling strategies$8
Digital marketing for veterinarians$8
AI in e-commerce fraud detection$8
Best online MBA programs$7
Debt relief services$7
Online public health degree$7
E-commerce payment solutions$7
Digital marketing for local e-commerce$7
AI in e-commerce return management$7
Digital marketing for YouTubers$7
Best online master’s in vehicle aerodynamics engineering$7
Online master’s in satellite technology engineering$7
Fast personal loans$6
Online electrical engineering degree$6
Best online colleges for military veterans$6
Digital transformation in manufacturing$6
AI in e-commerce customer service$6
Online master’s in network engineering$6
Best online master’s in robotics and automation engineering$6
AR and VR in event planning$6
E-commerce user experience optimization tools$6
Annuity structured settlement$5
Personal injury law firm$5
Outsourced IT services$5
Best online master’s in electrical engineering$5
Online master’s in ocean engineering$5
Digital advertising for webinars$5
AR and VR in live concerts$5
Digital advertising for e-commerce extensions$5
Digital marketing for online services$5
Home phone internet bundle$4
Best online certificate programs$4
Online master’s in finance$4
AR and VR in healthcare$4
Digital transformation in agriculture$4
IoT in retail customer experience$4
Digital advertising for influencers$4
AI in e-commerce customer insights$4
Best online master’s in satellite communications engineering$4
Best mesothelioma lawyers$3
Home refinance rates$3
E-commerce advertising strategies$3
Best online doctorate in nursing practice$3
Best online master’s in nuclear engineering$3
Best online master’s in operations research engineering$3
AI in e-commerce customer reviews analysis$3
Online master’s in vehicle acoustics engineering$3
AR and VR in event management$3
Mortgage adviser$2
Workers compensation rights$2
Online doctorate in education$2
AI-driven e-commerce personalization$2
IoT in e-commerce solutions$2
AI-driven e-commerce trend analysis$2
E-commerce SEO backlink strategies$2
Digital advertising for online products$2
Best business telephone service$1
Online mechanical engineering degree$1
Best content management systems$1
Digital transformation strategies for SMBs$1
Digital advertising ROI strategies$1
Digital marketing for e-health platforms$1
Digital marketing for local businesses$1
AI in e-commerce customer support$1

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