What is Explore Keywords?

Explore Keywords is a free SEO tool developed by two tech enthusiasts who did not like to pay for basic information required for web developers and bloggers.

Why Explore Keywords Tools are FREE?

Since the day 1, we were irritated by hefty amount charged by companies for information which every blogger, developer and agency requires. We wanted to develop something which would give users what they want at no cost.

How does Explore Keywords Team earn if all the tools are free to use?

We plan to serve minimal ads across the site in order to meet our expenses and keep the tools running.

Do you plan to charge for your tools in future?

A big NO. The tools are free and will always be. However we may introduce login system in future for extending the functionality of the sites.

Is the data provided accurate?

We extract data directly from the source sites. Hence the data is 100% accurate and you can use it without any worry.

Do you plan to add more tools in future?

Definitely! We are constantly working on developing new tools. If you have any suggestion, please send us here. We will love to act upon it.

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