What is the Significance of DA and PA Scores in SEO?

If you are an SEO expert, you must hear the following two terms, “DA” and “PA,” but do you have proper knowledge about these two terms? We are going to cover all the important and significant information about DA and PA on a website, so if you are willing to increase your knowledge, stay with us.

First of all, we are going to divide these terms for better understanding. So, let’s start with the DA of a website.

What Refers to the Term “DA”?

DA stands for domain authority, and it refers to a ranking score ranging from 0-100. This ranking score was originally developed by MOZ, a well-reputed and reliable source. But still, most people may be confused about this score and how it works, so let’s have a keen look at it.

Defining Domain Authority 

As we have mentioned above, domain authority is a search engine ranking score, and this score can surely predict how likely your website will rank on SERPs. But keep in your mind that domain authority is not a Google ranking score, but still, it can help in every field, and considering it is very important.

How is a Domain Authority Calculated?

There are multiple factors that are really important to consider while calculating the domain authority of a website. We can say that there are more than 40 factors that help in calculating the DA of a website, and we are going to list some important factors below.

  • The number of backlinks.
  • Quality of backlinks.
  • Quality of content.
  • Social signals.
  • Root domains.
  • Search engine performance.

All of the above mentioned factors are the most important to consider while calculating DA. In order to effectively consider all the factors while calculating da, one can take help from Explore Keywords’ Free DA/PA Checker. This tool is specifically built for checking the domain and page authority of a website

Which Websites Can Have a Good or Average DA?

As it is stated earlier that there are various factors that are important, so if a website focuses on its quality of backlinks, quality of content, internal links, external links, or even the authenticity of its content, they are most likely to have a good DA.

Else, a website will have a low or average domain authority score if they are not concerned about the important factors.

How to Improve the DA Score of a Website?

All you need is to take control of your site’s overall health, so let’s have an eye on some notable tips.

  1. Remove low-quality backlinks.
  2. Take some backlinks from high-authority websites.
  3. Interlink your new posts with the older ones.
  4. Add external links to your content.
  5. Focus on quality over quantity.
  6. Take help from social signals.

The above-mentioned tips are enough to increase the DA of a website, so you must give these tips a try.

What is Meant by Page Authority?

As you all know that domain authority refers to the ranking score of the overall domain, and page authority refers to a ranking score of a single specified page. This ranking score helps us predict how a particular page will rank on search engine result pages. Undoubtedly, considering this score is also important and beneficial.

Note: Same as Domain Authority, page authority is not a Google or other search engines ranking factor.

Defining Page Authority

According to the exact words of Moz, 

“Page Authority (PA) is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Page Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.”

How is Page Authority Calculated?

Same as domain authority, there are some factors like quality of backlinks and quality of content that plays a vital role in calculating or determining the PA of a specific page. There are various tools that can help you calculate the page authority of a webpage. These tools calculate page authority while considering all the important factors.

What Refers to Good Page Authority?

Keep in your mind, that attaining 20-30 pa is not that difficult, but when it comes to the page authority of 70-80, it might be very difficult. If a website has a PA of above 50, it is considered the best or considerable.

Difference Between DA and PA in SEO

After having a look at this guide, you’ll probably get to the point that these two terms are different but very important. Both of these authority scores are not related to Google’s or any other search engine’s ranking score, so they will not affect your position or rank.

Once again, let’s quickly clarify the concept of these two terms.

  1. Domain Authority: It refers to a ranking score of a domain, including every webpage a website possesses.
  2. Page Authority: This ranking score refers to a single page; it shows how well a specific page will rank on SERPs.

No matter whether these two terms are different from each other but there is one common thing in them, and that is “importance,” as both of these terms are very important.


As we have mentioned the nth time in this article that domain and page authority play a significant role in search engine optimization. For calculating these two authority scores, you can take help from any DA PA Checker that is efficient and accurate.

In this article, we have discussed all of the details about DA and PA of a website, have an eye on it.

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