why is my traffic not converting?

Forumwhy is my traffic not converting?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
If your CTR was a regular and solid 6% but wasn’t converting to sales what would be your area of concern?
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
1st is the content leaving a gap that the product can fill or is just answer the question. 2nd are the keywords you are getting found keywords of buyers or keywords of researchers and DIYers. Example Keyword: soap making (DIYer) Keyword: bathroom soaps for guest (buyer)
Poonam answered 2 years ago
Install heatmap tracking (like Microsoft Clarity) on your website. Check your landing pages on where do the users usually stay. Then analyze where should you place your CTAs. Check also if your sales copy is good. Check if your content answers what the searchers need.
Sajid answered 2 years ago
Your site clearly doesn't offer a good customer experience. Lots of factors there including your design, navigation, offer, copy, images, trust factors - image consistency and quality, do you have a solid about page, contact info including an address and phone, and real reviews? We can do a full audit for you (not cheap) if you'd like.
Altmash answered 2 years ago
Conversion rate optimization of your landing page. And ensuring the search intent of those clicks is aligned with what you sell and the correct stage of the buying cycle.
Subodh Doharey answered 2 years ago
Try creating urgencies with limited deals and reward them for their immediate action with some freebies. Also need to see trust if you are found credible enough for them considering you an authority or recognized brand
Krystal Crowe answered 2 years ago
Check Google Search Console, review the queries sending traffic, are they the right intent? If yes: I’d start with what others have all stated regarding the experience, reviewing the top competition for the queries can also help. If the queries are not good intent, then focus on your content optimization to send better traffic.
Mike answered 2 years ago
What happens after those 6% click. Do they bounce or do they engage and view multiple pages? If engagement is poor is it because of poor website performance or your content doesn’t match the intent of the search? Fix those things, than start looking at conversion optimization. Where are visitors dropping off? What is the call to action? What are the top competitors in that niche doing that’s different? Test
Buth Main answered 2 years ago
There are many factors like content, marketing messages, CRO (conversion rate optimization), UX (webpage structure, website speed, etc.). I prefer to start a website audit from using website as your preferred visitor (your target audience). But also your pages can generate irrelevant traffic.
Muhammad Daniyal answered 2 years ago
It normally happens when the look and feel of your website is not meet to the user. I also faced the same thing on my client site so I was changed something on landing page. After it now I am getting the better result
Jassie Singh answered 2 years ago
It means you are over promising in your ads and under delivery of on your landing page or depending on the product and campaign, it might be an awareness campaign with an objective of conversion. Will have to look at the ad creative, copy and the landing page for more accurate judgement.