why are my google ads not getting impressions

ForumCategory: Ads Forumwhy are my google ads not getting impressions
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
Can anyone please help me understand the current status of my ad? I had run this campaign like 10 days back but nothing happened since then. Google Ads No Impressions
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Poonam Sharma answered 2 years ago
Google usually marks responsive search ad as "poor" if you didn't add several headlines and descriptions. Now, in order to understand why you haven't got any impression so far after 10 days of running, we would probably need some other data as well, like keywords you are targeting, bids you set for your keywords, expected volumes for those keywords, etc.
Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
This shows 0 clicks and 0 impressions. I see that the ad status is live and eligible. Have you filtered this for the correct date? There should at least be impressions. If there’s not and you have the correct dates selected than the bid amount is too low for Google to even show the advertisement.
Sunita answered 2 years ago

You should consider making changes in your ad copies and keywords. Head over to your competitors ad copies get some idea how the top ones are performing.