Which SEO tool has the most accurate keyword search volume?

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ForumCategory: SEO - On-Page & Off-PageWhich SEO tool has the most accurate keyword search volume?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 3 weeks ago
Which SEO tool has the most accurate keyword search volume (moz, semrush, ahref, explore keywords etc.)?
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Mohammad Athar Staff answered 3 weeks ago

SEO is a huge part of your business, and it’s important to get the most accurate keyword search volume. That’s where you come in. You can use Explore Keywords' Keywords Trends Tool or any online tool to measure the amount of traffic your keyword is generating. This information can help you determine which tool has the most accurate keyword search volume for your audience.
Let us see how to estimate the volume and trend of any keyword.

If we search for "Digital Marketing" in Explore Keywords' Keyword Trend Tool, we get this data:
Volume Data for "Digital Marketing"

In the image above, we can see that this keyword has had different trends and volumes in the last 12 months. But the average is 74000. We also get Keyword Trend since 2004 which helps us understand whether this topic has relevance or not.

"Digital Marketing" popularity since 2004

Using these metrics, we can easily understand the popularity and volume of a keyword. Best thing is that it is free!

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