CommunityCategory: WordPress Discussion & TroubleshootWhich is the best tool for SEO audit?
62f9b272b3772c279da3cb2c5e9a8a4c?s=48&d=mm&r=gMohammad Athar Staff asked 7 months ago

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?s=48&d=mm&r=gFajal Shah answered 7 months ago
  1. Screaming Frog
  2. SemRush
  3. WooRank
  4. Googe Speed Insight
  5. GT Metrix
  6. Google Rich Snippets Tool
  7. Chrome Developer Tool

?s=48&d=mm&r=gPoonam answered 7 months ago
We use several as no single tool will give you a thorough view. Among our tools – SEMRush, Sitebulb (I like much better than ScreamingFrog), GT Metrix, GSC and a few other speed tools.

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