What is the importance of business listing in SEO?

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ForumWhat is the importance of business listing in SEO?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 12 months ago
What's the purpose of Business Listing in SEO? When it comes to off-page and link-building, why do SEOs go for business listing? How does this help my website ranking on Google if I submit my website on the Business Listing site? For example, If I want to buy a "Vitamin C Facewash" product, I will obviously visit skincare brands' websites. I have never visited a business listing website in my life before becoming an SEO.
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Fajal Shah answered 12 months ago
Google loves trust and authority, if you are a legitimate business then it makes sense that your information is displayed on the internet. It's not going to rank you by itself but it is a good strategy to be as transparent and up front about your business to google as possible

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