What is a good way to create effective keywords for ecommerce products?

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ForumCategory: eCommerce Discussion & TroubleshootWhat is a good way to create effective keywords for ecommerce products?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 11 months ago
Let's say we sell "japanese tiger hoodie" and we have keywords like "black japanese tiger hoodie" or "zip up japanese tiger hoodie". Do you think that creating a separate product for each keyword would be better? for example :
  • Black japanese tiger hoodie ( product )
  • zip up japanese tiger hoodie ( product )
  Or creating a single product, containing multiple colors and multiple types , would be better?
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Fajal Shah answered 11 months ago
I think with and without zipper is two very different products and therefore should have their own pages. While colour variation, sizes etc should be on the same page. As a customer, I hate clicking too much.

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