What does “poor URLs” mean in Google Search Console?

ForumWhat does “poor URLs” mean in Google Search Console?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 3 years ago
I'm having a hard time understanding the meaning of the "Poor URLs" metric in Google Search Console. Is it just a way to show if a page has many pages with poor URL's? Or is it a way to measure if the content of the page is good or not? If it is the latter, how can I know if a page is good or not based on that metric?
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Fajal Shah answered 3 years ago
It means that those URLs are slow and are not mobile-friendly. Google considers this as a bad user experience. Poor URLs are URLs that are not friendly toward search engines because they are too long, too many parameters, too cryptic, or all of the above. The problem with poor URLs is that they often result in poor rankings in search engines. This is a direct consequence of the fact that a search engine uses a crawler to index your site and determine its ranking. The crawler is looking for specific pages on your site, and these pages have to be well-written and accessible to the crawler.