What bidding strategy is best for driving conversions?

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ForumCategory: Ads ForumWhat bidding strategy is best for driving conversions?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 11 months ago
Does the value per conversion impact the automated bidding strategies? I've got a client using Google Ads' tag for conversion tracking with the automated strategy "Maximize conversion value (Target ROAS)" and for some reason, the default value of $1.00 per sale is being used instead of the actual conversion value (sale). The client thinks this has killed the performance of their shopping campaigns. I believe that Google provides the same optimization regardless of the actual conversion value. Yes/No?
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Fajal Shah answered 11 months ago
The conversion value is often an arbitrarily defined number that can vary greatly in some setups therefore Google does not take into account that figure because it's a figure that you use for your purposes. It is not a figure they use for anything. Any tracking you have set up is just that tracking that you have set up it has no impact on performance. Now the data you received because of your tracking should have an impact but there's nothing automatic about that right? That's you taking in data and making changes. The way the ads work is when a person hits enter on their search query a bidding war is launched. So depending on how you have your config setup will determine how you do in that auction and therefore where you wind up in placement. But that has nothing to do with conversion metrics and or tagging in order to track such metrics.

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