What are the ways to optimize the webpage for SEO using RankMath?

ForumCategory: SEO - On-Page & Off-PageWhat are the ways to optimize the webpage for SEO using RankMath?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
How do I optimise my product pages for SEO, like my blog pages for example, with WordPress using rank math? 
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
If you have RankMath Pro and your products are in Woo - just turn on that module - scan through the settings, and it'll pretty much do it automatically. If it's not Woo, you can manually create product schema with the template provided. Just plug in the price, name, description, etc fields. I'm not sure at what level the free version can do the schema though - but it does do basic schema stuff for you. If you have Woo and a lot of products, though... the couple hundred dollars or whatever they charge for RankMath Pro would quickly and easily be offset by the time savings of having to do each product by hand. There are several other schema things out there too. I believe Woo even makes one. Yoast does (but since you use Rank Math, don't do that, obviously).
Poonam Sharma answered 2 years ago
Outside of the usual “technical” recommendations most plug-ins or other tools will provide, I would suggest you focus your keyword research around terms that align with the “purchase” portion of the funnel. For instance, we just did a consumer journey content analysis for a client and we discovered that people who were at the “purchase” stage looked for some very specific details, such as sizes, colors, uses, etc. that all needed to be included in the product descriptions.