valueimpression review

Mohammad Athar Staff asked 3 years ago
Has anybody used valueimpression on his site? How does it perform? I need an honest review of this platform
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Mohammad Athar Staff answered 3 years ago
ValueImpression (VLI) is a good ad network. We began with value impression in December 2018 and saw almost $1 CPM and 73% fill rate. However with the beginning of January, the CPM went down to $0.40 and fill rate to 60%. But what I hate is the figures of VLI which keep fluctuating. One day the CPM is $2 and the next day it is $0.7. But overall ValueImpression is great and a site with more than 500k monthly views can earn a lot. I would suggest to keep Adsense in the passbook for maximum fill rate. Please note that VLI is not DFP compatible. So, you won’t be able to serve VLI ads if you are serving ads via Google Admanager (GAM).