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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 3 years ago
If it's a single page website with less content, how can we rank them apart from link building?
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Roy Jossfolk Jr answered 3 years ago
What exactly are you looking to rank for, the hospital name? Google search is meant for people to find answers, products, services and other information.   Why would Google place a single page website in the SERP for a query besides the name of the business? What questions does it answer? What value does it provide? For a hospital you probably want to focus on local search. Do they have Google My Business configured and optimized? Are they added to all local business directories?   Best you can probably do is show up in search based on proximity. If the client doesn’t want to invest in content then they don’t want to invest in SEO. SEO requires content. If someone asked me to do SEO but said they don’t want any content I would not work with them.   No point.   At minimum you need service pages that explain each service. Even if you run ads you’ll need specific landing pages for each type of patient you will want to attract. You can’t just send people to a home page from an ad and expect that to convert at a level that would be profitable. Backlinks aren’t going to help you and the likelihood you could get very many quality backlinks is low.
Fajal Shah answered 3 years ago
Yeah unfortunately there is not a great answer for this other than expand or pay for advertising. Depending on what you are selling or trying to do it may be best to use ads other than google since google has gotten way more expensive.
Daniel Lezcano answered 3 years ago
Why does it have to be a one-page website? Every website should have a blog post section; that is if they plan on doing real SEO work. The blog post section of your website serves many more purposes than just satisfying the users need for content. It's where your best ranks are likely to come from. The kind of ranks that really drive a lot of relevant organic traffic. This is especially accomplished with schema markup SEO. I can go on and on but one more thing your blog post section should be getting 35% to 40% of your backlink profile. So if you're not blogging as an SEO or at least consulting that it should be done, you are leaving a lot of money on the table for your client.