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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
Some websites reach 30-40k traffic (or more) by only ranking for extremely low volume keywords.. like, they are getting only 0-100 visits per keyword/post but it's just that they have written thousands of such posts and the combined traffic becomes really high (even if each post gets <100 monthly visitors).. So, I meant to ask, does such traffic have less value? Or will you make just as much Adsense/Affiliate revenue as you would when reaching same amount of traffic by ranking for a few high volume keywords?
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
30-40k traffic is pretty easy to reach, else mediavine will not increase the min entry to 50k. To me, i calculate, how much money you earn per thousand visitors is more important. You can have a website that earn 1k per month with 10k visitors per month or you may choose to 50k visitor per month to just earn 1k.   New websites, underserved topics (not only keywords but focus on topic selection ) will kick start the game ( at least you don't give up so soon). You do not only rank for h1, you also rank for h2 h3 h4. Just focus on how to find those topic in different angle. Some people they also try to compete with their own websites. Same niche, they already know the top performing pages and they clone that into sister sites.