My website traffic is different on Google Analytics and Search Console

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ForumMy website traffic is different on Google Analytics and Search Console
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 11 months ago
I'm using Yoast to check my daily visits and it averages 50 per day only. But when I check google analytics, for the past 2 weeks. it shows 2 days when my blog received at least 500 visits. Why is that?
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Fajal Shah answered 11 months ago
Google Search Console doesn't really measure website visits the same way as Google Analytics does. For on-site tracking, Analytics would have better precision and accuracy as it can track users, events and conversions real time with data freshness ranging from seconds to half an hour - Search Console does not have this capability. I have no idea how Yoast tracks page visitors. I personally wouldn't use it and stick to Analytics instead.

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