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ForumCategory: WordPress Discussion & TroubleshootMerging two websites into one
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 11 months ago
I have two sites for two marketing companies that are merging into one in January. I'd like to keep all our SEO juice from the site that will be going away after the merge. My initial thought is a 301 redirect BUT I'm wondering if there are potential downsides to doing that?
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Sajid answered 11 months ago
There are always potential downsides. Don't fall prey to Paralysis by Analysis. If you can move content from the site going away to the site remaining, do so and redirect the old URLs. If you can redirect old URLs on the site going away to comparable URLs on the site remaining, do so. If don't have comparable content on the site remaining for URLs on the site going away, create a page on the site remaining explaining that the two companies have merged and redirect whatever wasn't redirected somewhere to that page. So ... Site A (10 pages) going away, site B (10 pages) remaining: A.1 -> B.11 A.2 -> B.2 A.3..A-10 -> B.12 B.12 says, "Hey, we merged A with B"

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