Is Shopify or WordPress better for SEO?

ForumIs Shopify or WordPress better for SEO?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 3 years ago
Does anyone know if Shopify performs better with SEO Vs WordPress.
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Fajal Shah answered 3 years ago
No question, WordPress is much easier to set up for technical SEO but that's not how you choose a shopping cart. User experience, cost of ownership, features, etc. all enter into the equation. There are plenty of Shopify sites that rank well. People choose Shopify because it's much faster to set up WELL and virtually no maintenance. That frees up your time and money to focus on marketing, finding more products, etc. WordPress is quite a bit more work and, unless you are an accomplished programmer, it will be much harder to configure well. it also needs regular maintenance to manage updates to keep it functioning and secure. Sometimes updates break your site which is why being able to code is important. Alternatively, you can use WordPress and pay a monthly fee to a programmer to keep it stable. There are pros and cons to each. Also look at BigCommerce. It has dramatically stronger SEO than Shopify, more native features built in which will save you money.
Richard MT Hull answered 3 years ago
Wordpress with Woocommerce takes more knowledge and is trickier to setup compared to Spotify. I am a great believer in owning my own virtual real estate and for that reason I'd always go for Wordpress. But Spotify would have its advantages with access to technical support etc.
David Morgan answered 3 years ago
A platform doesn't rank websites, we do. A framework is there to give us access to certain features to simplify our digital life. SEO is a process of getting websites to perform well in search engines such as Google and Bing. A framework vs framework question in terms of SEO in an SEO group seems to be designed to show a lack of fundamentals. My suggestion here is, there are a lot of great folks on YouTube who teach SEO very well. Great for beginners and a launching pad of sorts. You'll easily get enough skillset to handle even the diverse complexities of SEO. Good luck and welcome to the world of SEO.
Luca Marchesi answered 3 years ago
As CMS for an E-commerce I would pick Shopify. However if your SEO work doesn’t stop at product page optimization (like structured data etc.) and performance of the website; I would consider having third level domain where you could install WP and run a sort of blog according to your products use. I mean you can work on additional SEO, closer to an inbound marketing idea, talking about use and situations of use of your products/services.
Ashleigh Mancer answered 3 years ago
I don't think the system has as much to do with rankings than actual SEO work. You can rank with any platform. How you optimise it is up to you. If you follow best practices and work hard at it, your site should rank. I think the only deciding factor between the 2 would be the speed and framework/code affecting scores, on GTmetrix and Lighthouse. That's my opinion anyway.