Is external linking good for SEO?

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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
Instead of having 100 quality backlinks from different websites, can I publish 100 relevant articles and get internal links from them to rank better or same benefits? and which one will make more sense, Backlinks or Internal links?   My answer is 100 articles on our own blog and internal links from them will make more sense than backlinks.
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Anil answered 2 years ago
While there are two camps of theory on how authority is built; outside in or inside out, allow me to provide you with the inside out approach. Google uses a known data processing method called hierarchal agglomerative clustering. This is a process that seeks to find value inside of your own website and apply it outwards through internal link structure. There are many examples of websites who have built traffic and authority to themselves by being the comprehensive solution for all things related to the niche with dozens of high quality blogs, on page tactics and internal pass through of traffic. This usually requires an adept understanding of SEO and is much harder to do than purchasing backlinks, but it can be done! Also, Google “Hierarchal Agglomerative Clustering” for more information.
Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
I like the idea of thinking about popularity at high school. If no one outside of your site thinks your cool, your own senses of your own coolness won't rank as high. It is not either-or, you need backlinks to thrive. One fun one: Quora, ask a question and then serve up an answer and you can paraphrase some of your own good content.
Sunita answered 2 years ago
SEO are covering with On-page and Off-page, you are talking about the backlinks this is the part of off-page SEO and the internal articles is the part of off-page SEO so both are important. I recommend to you which I am also doing this strategy is that if your website is product based and if you do 1 high quality or researched based article per week, on the other hand if you build high quality backlinks like 30 backlinks per month so it would be enough for you.
Poonam Sharma answered 2 years ago
It all depends on your competition for keywords you’re chasing. And also your goals for the articles. Are you trying to get engagement and/or conversions? But as a general view, I have always seen faster improvements in rankings & traffic with new (well written and well optimized) content over back links.
Akash answered 2 years ago
Not all links are equal. The strength of a link is largely determined by the link profile of the page the link appears on. Your 100 internal links won't do much if nobody is linking to your site. If your site has a really strong link profile already, than internal links can have a big impact on your rankings. On the other hand, if there is no link equity to manipulate through your internal links, then you could publish 100 posts or 1000 posts. It won't move the needle much for anything competitive.