Impact of Facebook Metaverse project on content

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ForumCategory: Content WritingImpact of Facebook Metaverse project on content
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 11 months ago

Facebook aside, how do you think Metaverse will impact content creation (i.e. blogging) in years to come? If it really takes off, will VR and AR replace Content Marketing and blogging as we know today, or will it just be an additional way of consuming content without replacing blogging? Just as the internet did not entirely replace books.

Impact of Facebook Metaverse project on content

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Ken Holmes answered 11 months ago
It has the potential to make things better as currently people use texting to communicate with each other or voice calls where there is no personal interaction at all. Theoretically, unlike a video app, you would be able to see the other person in full 3-D in their own environment and even move around in theirs. It may even improve social interaction.   The huge downside of course is that the impact of the Internet has allowed a lot of people to work from home and even spend most of their lives in their house without having to go out into the world. This will go even further in making it possible for people to live their whole lives indoors without actually socially interacting with people in real life on a one to basis rather than a virtual world.   I don't think that in the long run that's good for humanity. It also creates an opportunity for big Tech and the government to be far far more intrusive in our everyday lives and find out a lot more about us and what we say and think.
Fajal Shah answered 11 months ago
Its not a new idea entirely. There are several platforms that are essentially 3D instant messaging. I had virtual offices in 3D. Like In the Secondlife app/game. It is cool for PR but we found that for accessing information it was too slow when potential clients or people that needed support could just go to our website faster.
Poonam answered 11 months ago
Whether it’s autonomous cars replacing taxi and truck drivers or GPT getting rid of actual writers: while these innovations will eventually materialize, they’re likely one or more decades away from hitting mass adoption. I, personally, wouldn’t even worry about written content becoming irrelevant. People said the same thing years back about smart speakers.   Also, these innovations are more often than not adopted by younger generations (just look at Tik Tok as an example). Everyone that is in their thirties or older won’t even bother with it. As such, there’s still going to plenty of people willing to consume blogs.   Last but not least: I saw a stat recently that only 50% of the world’s population currently has access to the internet. Even if a certain percentage will move to voice or AR/VR, they’re likely going to be offset by the number of people that finally receive access to the internet..
Mirka Biel answered 11 months ago
The demand for 3D content creation will raise. Being able to create a 3D design for the metaverse will become on the same skill level as designing the social media posts are today. So tools like Canva will adapt, and simple 3D content creation tools like Vectary will become necessary

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