I have issues in my wordpress site using old php version

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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 3 years ago
One of my client business sites is hosted on HostGator, it has actually an old version of PHP around 5.4 something but now 7.4 or 7.5 is working. We are not able to use any page builder on our website for creating new pages.   We also contacted HostGator and had a brief conversation with them, But according to them they had removed the old version of Php from their server, But the error is still showing on dashboards. You are using an old version of the website, and some plugins are not compatible with this version.   Is anyone facing the same problem at HostGator? And which hosting do you recommend? Namecheap or Bluehost or somethings else. We want to migrate but don't want to lose traffic and ranking. Which hosting do you recommend actually? Your feedback and recommendation is precious for us
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Rahul answered 3 years ago
You will get the option to upgrade the php version to 7.x for your domain, under cPanel- >MultiPHP Manager. Login to your WordPress site and update WP from there, or if you have Softaculous on cPanel, you can directly update WP from there without logging in. Make sure to take a backup before doing these major updates.
Poonam answered 3 years ago
Problem is not with hosting, it is the php version. Either you upgrade it or use old version of page builders if they have. Even if you move to new host, this issue will arise.
Fajal Shah answered 3 years ago
Problem is your website needs PHP 5, which is not safe due to many vulnerabilities WP and it's plugins have on older versions that still run on PHP 5. I would recommend you redesign. To keep your ranking, keep the structure the same. URL, html headings + content, etc. I don't like HostGator, but in this case it is not their fault. They need to remove older PHP on shared hosting to prevent hacking on another website that then can hack your website.