I am planning to launch website about email marketing. Need some suggestions

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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
I am an email marketing expert and plan to start a blog on that specific niche. My plan is to monetize with affiliate offers. I am ready to spend 9-12 months to start getting results. I did competition analysis and keyword research and observed that SERP is dominated by two types of sites:
  1. General marketing sites (writes not only on email marketing but many other online marketing topics)
  2. Email marketing service provider sites like Aweber, Constant Contact, and similar
In this case, I am really not sure how to evaluate that and make a decision whether to start such a blog or not:
  • Option-1 As there are not many SPECIALIZED sites on page-1 so if I do a good job, Google may prioritize my niche specific (email marketing) site over tools/apps or generalist sites
  • Option-2 It does not matter what type of sites exists on page-1, you will need to compete with them, and if all are high DA/DR sites, its gonna be difficult and long term
  • Option-3 Get a high DR/DA expired domain with good backlinks and start
  • Option-4 ???????
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
From my understanding, you want to get traffics from google, not from social media or mouth of words. I strongly recommend narrowing down. For example welcome email, triggered email, abandoned cart email, re-engagement email, outreach email etc etc. Email marketing, you are competing with companies that have big fund. You are not going to make it.     Traffic first, then email marketing? Or email marketing first, then traffics? These are the questions you should ask yourselves. People love case study, portfolio. Your niche, actually many entrepreneur may interested in your service. They are willing to spend money on facebook ads, adwords, pinterest to get the emails for you to "push" the target audience to the bottom of the sale funnel.