How to use meta tag in WordPress for SEO

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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
I'm running an SEO analysis of two websites I work on and I'm getting this for both. Any suggestions how to improve my tags? "Your main Keywords are not being distributed well across important HTML tags". I have my keyword in my title and meta description. Not sure where else they mean. I mean I do have H2's out there, but those are used to separate thoughts and are subtitles basically which wouldn't have the keyword in there. Thanks in advance!
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
In theory, your main keyword(s) should be something that describes what the entire page is about. If not, then it's not really the main keyword of the page. Keep in mind that these tools that talk about this are somewhat limited. And that Google has no idea what you are targeting for keywords - it's going to look at the content and decide what it's about and then rank it for that. The tools just help (in a very limited way) give you some best practice concepts to help ensure that what Google sees the page being about is the same as what you're thinking the page is about. fAs such... a page about "Widgets" that only uses the word "Widgets" in the title and meta description (which doesn't even appear on the page) probably isn't really about widgets. So your tool is just saying, "Hey, are you sure this is really about widgets? You're not really talking about them very much, here."