How to stop spam traffic to my wordpress website?

ForumCategory: Affiliate Marketing & MonetisationHow to stop spam traffic to my wordpress website?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 3 years ago
I'm getting a ridiculous amount of spam traffic that I cannot figure out how to isolate and filter out. It's showing as 'Social (not set)' and the majority of it is desktop. Unfortunately, there is also a decent amount of legitimate traffic that it's getting grouped with. It's accounting for such a large % of overall traffic that our data is completely f*d. Looking for any suggestions on how to handle this.
  • Considered ‘Social (not set)’ in GA
  • Primarily desktop
  • Primarily Chrome
  • Happening all hours of the day
  • Began to trickle in June, but exploded on 9/24, has not slowed down.
  • The entrance URL is evenly spread across the entire website. Typically views one page and then bounces.
  • Most of it is considered from the US, but other countries it’s showing are Sweden, Ireland, and India. Others sometimes include Indonesia and the Philippines. I've blocked all of our social pages from showing in these countries but this hasn't changed anything.
  • We are an e-commerce website selling t-shirts. Spy Badass is a known culprit in the past, but this has always shown as a referral and not nearly at the amount we're getting, and traffic from this hasn't changed. This seems to be a different source of spam.
  • In May we added Affiliate marketing, an SEO agency, and a Google Ads agency. None of the traffic seems to be suspiciously connected to any of these activities.