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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
I manage a website and a subdomain of my client. Now, a page on my client's website ranks 1 for a keyword. I want the subdomain to rank for (the subdomain ranks second). The traffic to the page on the main website page is high but that page is a hindrance because it only offers a jump to the subdomain (what I mean by a jump is, a customer comes on to the page on the website and then comes on to the subdomain page through a CTA on the page on the website)   My questions are:
  1. The client wants to get rid of that page and is ready to lose that traffic to the website page so that the customer journey is smoother and they land directly on the subdomain through the SERP. Is that feasible? Will the subdomain rank 1st then?
  2. If we don't delete the page, how can I ensure that my subdomain ranks above that website page in question.
Looking forward to a few suggestions.
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
Internal links from the main page to the subdomain with rich anchor text. Then check anchor text going to the main page and make sure it doesn't have keywords that you want the subdomain to rank for. Then check anchor text to the subdomain to ensure that it has the best keywords. Then adjust accordingly. If necessary deoptimize the main page.
Poonam Sharma answered 2 years ago
As a rule of thumb you should always avoid deleting pages from Google because they simply doesn't disappear. A redirection should do the job, but make sure that all redirection are working properly, so you don't end up with the 404s. If possible, server side redirection are always preferable