How to Fix Duplicate Content for eCommerce SEO?

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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
I'm working with an eCommerce business whose rankings have taken a bit of a hit in the last couple of weeks. With the new Google Algorithm update rolling out, I thought that auditing the content would be a good idea. I ran the homepage through SemRush's writing assistant and it returned a score of 20% for original content. 3 websites have taken the content, paraphrased huge chunks, some copied word for word. If SemRush picks it up, Google would too. We're rewriting it as we speak but I want to understand how much this would affect SEO. We know for sure her website had the content first. Does that mean the other sites would be marked as using duplicate content or all get marked down for not having enough unique content. Has anyone experienced this before?
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
Make a search for a term that would enable all the duplicates to rank. See who shows up, hopefully you. One main effect of duplicates with Google is that they will filter them out of the same search result. If Google deems them duplicate you should see only one.
Poonam answered 2 years ago
Google always rewards original, well-written content. I see the fastest way to move the needle is to completely rewrite the content from an original point of view. Including freshening up the title & description tags. Which is something that I would do every 6 to 12 months anyway