How to find and group primary and secondary keywords to enhance your SEO?

ForumHow to find and group primary and secondary keywords to enhance your SEO?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
How do I decide which keywords should be grouped together and optimized on one page and which keywords deserve to be optimized on their own page?
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Poonam answered 2 years ago
Use the searcher intent. If it is useful to them then go for it. Here is an example. For the keyword: Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Main Keyword: can dogs eat cucumbers Alternative Keywords: can dogs have cucumbers are cucumbers bad for dogs are cucumbers good for dogs cucumber for dogs are cucumbers safe for dogs can puppies eat cucumbers H1 Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? H2 Benefits of cucumbers for Dogs H2 How to Prepare Cucumber for Your Dog H3 1. Choose Organic Cucumber H3 2. Always Wash Your Veggies H3 3. Serve Cucumber Raw or Cooked H3 4. Skip the Seasoning! H3 5. Make Cucumber a Special Treat for Your Pup H2 Can My Dog Eat Pickles? H2 Can an overweight dog eat cucumbers? H2 Can Dogs with diabetes eat cucumbers? H2 Can Puppies Eat Cucumbers? H2 Other Healthy Vegetables and Fruits for Dogs
Fajal Shah\' answered 2 years ago
This is kinda tricky and I can think of two ways this can be solved. 1. The first way is to think about the search intent and how related the keywords are to what the reader wants. Does the 2nd keyword help solve the users problem or are they likely to also need that information? If so, it could make sense to group them together, especially if the other keyword doesn't warent an entire article by itself. 2. This second way involves serp clustering. You can Google both keywords and see the search results. How many links are in both serps? If there are 3 or more matching links in the results for the search term, then there's a good chance Google believes the search intent is the same.