CommunityCategory: SEO, Backlinks & DA/PAHow to do SEO for my website in Tamil?
62f9b272b3772c279da3cb2c5e9a8a4c?s=48&d=mm&r=gMohammad Athar Staff asked 4 months ago
I am planning to launch my website in the Tamil Language. However, I don’t know how to do the SEO properly. Can you guide me in this?

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a96e87439ec9d9d71d4b83f7e05897e0?s=48&d=mm&r=gAakash Staff answered 4 months ago
SEO is very very easy for sites in regional content. You can easily create content using keywords like:

  1. essay on in tamil
  2. essay on agriculture in tamil
  3. essay on pongal in tamil
  4. essay on coronavirus in tamil
  5. essay on bharathiyar in tamil
  6. essay on kamarajar in tamil
  7. essay on politics in tamil nadu
  8. essay on library in tamil
  9. essay on nature in tamil
  10. essay in tamil about nature
  11. essay in tamil about coronavirus
  12. essay in tamil about pongal

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