How do I upgrade and improve my ecommerce website SEO?

ForumCategory: eCommerce Discussion & TroubleshootHow do I upgrade and improve my ecommerce website SEO?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
I am about to revamp my e-commerce site. Any suggestions as to how I should preserve the SEO power/value I got? Any article link would be appreciated. I am looking up best practices but best to hear it from the pros who are doing it.
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Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
Obviously one of the most basic things is ensuring that the URLs remain exactly the same. Next in technical aspects is to ensure that if you change the site architecture, the interlinking and menus, then understand how that will change the internal flow of PageRank around all of your site. Often with a revamp, companies will add in more glitz, images, extra scripts for animation or sliders, extra code for additional functions ... make sure you understand the speed and bandwidth changes, and make sure the new version won't lose scoring on page speed or CWV. Final note is always keep your eye on the real prize. A lot of people will shy away from a change that drops traffic by 10% even when it raises conversions by 30%. Don't be one of those people. Total conversions is always the ultimate bottom-line metric.