How do I make my website country specific?

ForumHow do I make my website country specific?
Mohammad Athar Staff asked 3 years ago
I have a WordPress website, and it sells online services, meaning it can serve anyone in the world, basically, I want to serve 3 countries i.e USA, Australia and Canada. What's the best strategy can I use? How do I do on-page SEO targeting 3 countries? I don't need Multilingual SEO since all the 3 countries am targeting speak English.
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Poonam Sharma answered 3 years ago
Best strategy for On page SEO is proper keywords planning, competitor's analysis, Query base blogs and Brand base articles with quality internal eternal linking and than the next step is link building by guest post. You can ask high tail website admins to promote your blog or article's on there sites and get organic traffic and dofollow from it.
Fajal Shah answered 3 years ago
I’d get the appropriate ccTLD (.ca,, use hreflang, and submit each to the corresponding country via the Google International Tool. The currency is different in those 3 countries so at the minimum, the prices should be localized. Also make note of the spelling of some words, as those will vary as well.
Sunita Malik answered 3 years ago
First of all you have to keyword research based on your targeted Country then optimize its. Keywords are vary Country to country but if target USA then you can get all most other targeted country.
Sajid answered 3 years ago
International SEO won’t work anymore or you’re in a niche market with very high expertise. I would solely focus on AdWords to begin with and generate revenue and pour that money into SEO cause you gonna need a boatload + you need 3 websites each with their own content targeting each country. SEO is not worth it if you can’t rank Number 1
Amal answered 3 years ago
I go after US, plus Canada, AUS, and UK with all my sites. (The service I market is worldwide.) I simply publish in the English language, with US spelling. That is my whole strategy for reaching those countries. My positioning across all 4 countries is nearly identical.