How do I get traffic from an expired domain?

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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
I’m embarking on a plan to accelerate the growth of a site into a mega-site. I’m looking at selectively buying aged domains in the niche. Any pointers on capturing the links, content and traffic from aged domains to my target site? I’m OK with Wayback Machine analysis and backlink validation. Just don’t know the best approach for merging an aged domain into my site.   Is it best to bring the aged site back with its original content and URLs, let it recover some traffic, then migrate and 301 redirect the content to the site I want to grow? Or do you just put the old content on the target site and 301 redirect the old URLs to the target site straight away? If you 301 redirect a post with high-quality backlinks to a new post on the target site, do you then try to go back to the linking site and get them to update their link? (sounds time-consuming and risky).   How long do you keep the hosting going for the old aged domain site? My goal here is to capture the link juice and any backlink traffic from high DA sites and to rapidly build the content on my mega-site in chunks.
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Sunita Malik answered 2 years ago

Since your main goal is to capture link juice, I would recommend restoring the content first, getting them all indexed and proceeding from there. Why must restore the content first?

  • you would never know if it has a manual penalty or not without restoring the content first. I did add the domain in GSC, no manual penalty BUT when i restore the pages, the manual penalty pop up. Last experiment 2020. I have many domains ( for PBN ) to be honest and still hunting for more.
  • the link juice for 301 might not be full. Google never give you the full data. Ahrefs, semrush, moz are the third party tools to help us monitor what is going on but these tools are as references only


  1. DA DR UR TF etc people already found the way to cheat. I strongly recommend you do extra checking. Some kind of google redirect will only show in moz, will not show in ahrefs. Some will show in both tools. The UR, also redirect but not from google, they are from different other sources.
  2. 301 302 307. People claimed that 307 is temporary redirected where the link power stick with the old domain. The fact that it is not. My latest test is just a few months ago. Google transfer all ranking from the old to the new within 3 days ( damn fast ).
  3. Double 301 or a combination of "redirect" can avoid the manual penalty in the past. I am not too sure now this work or not. The latest test that I did is a few years ago.
Poonam answered 2 years ago
Following. I've half hearted this on one site and not sure if I gave it the attention it deserves. Its in the addiction recovery space. Got an expired domain that had decent content (i actually found out who the original owner was and got in touch with them for permission to reuse the same content and they said fine). I then also found a better branded domain in the space that was expired and redirected the first site into it with 301's page by page. Over a few weeks it started getting some traffic but i don't think the original domain got that much traffic when i picked it up. It may have been offline for too long. Then to power up the branded url with the content on it, i then also picked up another expired domain in a category of the niche with a DA55. That domain was only good for its main keyword which is what the url is. It was a viral campaign that happened in the 00's and got tons of news coverage with literally every news and tech outlet linking to the site. However that 301'ed domain hasn't helped pickup the traffic on the content on the site so I just let the project sit. Since its the addiction recovery niche there are some good opportunities to make it rock. I may get back to it one day but with a different game plan. Like I may take that da55 domain and just make it a PBN site.
Fajal Shah answered 2 years ago
The safest approach is to put content on the auction domain as a test, no amount of analysis will beat seeing how well it performs when live. Only merge it into your main domain if you are happy with how it is indexing and gaining impressions on search console