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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 3 years ago
I found a Guest Posting opportunity from a Facebook group and I submitted a blog of about 1500 words. But it's been 3 days and my content has not been published yet. That person is no longer responding on Facebook. What I'm thinking is submitting my article on a Medium platform or on Quora as an answer. But what if that person used my content and published it somewhere else? And it might be indexed on Google before my Medium or Quora content.
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Poonam answered 3 years ago
I don't think thats a big issue. I often take 7-14 days to respond back. I get 10s of articles for guest posting. Often I reject or accept with delay. Just because someone takes time to respond back does not make him a scammer
Fajal Shah answered 3 years ago
It's always better to deal via a marketplace where both your money and content are safe. Take it as a life lesson and don't repeat the same. Post it asap as a Quora answer.